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10 Steps for How to Add Money to Your Cash Card at Walmart

Loading your Cash App card with money is as easy as taking candy from a baby. If you're out shopping and need to top up your Cash Card, look no further than your local Walmart. In this blog, our fintech expert, Lauren, will guide you through how to add money to Cash Card at Walmart. We'll also explore the associated fees, limits, and alternative options available at various stores across the United States.

Why Load Your Cash App Card at Walmart?

Are you looking for a quick and convenient way to add money to your Cash Card? Walmart, one of the nation's largest retail chains, now offers a hassle-free solution. You can deposit paper money into your Cash App account at thousands of participating Walmart stores. Once the cashier scans your unique barcode, you can instantly add up to $500 to your Cash App balance. The best part? These funds are immediately available for use on your Cash Card.

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Easy Money Load - Steps for How to Add Money to Your Cash Card at Walmart

Loading your Cash App card at Walmart is a piece of cake. Follow these simple steps:

Visit a Participating Walmart Store - Locate a Walmart store near you that offers Cash App loading services. You can check for participating locations on the Cash App website or app.

Generate a Barcode - In your Cash App, navigate to the 'Cash Card' tab, usually located on the home screen. Tap 'Add Cash,' then 'Add' next to the desired amount you want to load. Follow the on-screen prompts to generate a unique barcode.

Head to Walmart - Take your smartphone with the generated barcode to the Walmart store.

Hand Over Your Barcode - Approach a Walmart cashier and present your barcode for scanning.

Pay the Cash Amount - Hand over the cash amount you wish to load onto your Cash Card to the cashier.

Confirmation - Once the cashier successfully scans your barcode and receives your cash, you'll receive a confirmation notification on your Cash App.

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How Much Does Walmart Charge to Add Money to Cash Card at Walmart?

Now that you know how to add money to Cash App card at Walmart, let's talk about fees. The good news is that Walmart doesn't charge additional fees for this service. You can load your Cash Card at Walmart without worrying about extra expenses eating into your funds.

Walmart's Cash App Card Loading Limit

Walmart provides a convenient way to add money to your Cash App card, but there are limits to ensure everyone's security. You can load up to $500 in cash onto your Cash Card at Walmart per day. However, these limits may have changed, so check the latest information on the Cash App website or app.

Exploring Other Options to Add Money to Cash App Card 

While Walmart is a popular choice for adding money to your Cash Card, it's not the only option available. Here are a few alternative stores and methods to consider:

Walgreens - Many Walgreens locations offer Cash App loading services, making it another convenient option for adding funds to your Cash Card.

7-Eleven - Some 7-Eleven stores also provide Cash App card loading services, so you can pop in while grabbing your favourite snacks.

CVS - Certain CVS locations may offer Cash App card loading. 

Check Cashing Stores - You can check if local check-cashing stores or financial service centres near you offer Cash App loading services.

Bank Transfers - If you prefer a more traditional approach, you can link your bank account to your Cash App and transfer funds directly.

A Brief Overview of Using Your Cash App Card

Your Cash Card is a versatile tool that allows you to spend your Cash App balance in the physical world, just like a traditional debit card. Here are some quick tips on using your Cash App Card:

  • Making Purchases: You can use your Cash Card at stores, restaurants, and online retailers that accept Visa debit cards.
  • ATM Withdrawals: Cash App Cardholders can withdraw cash from ATMs. Check the app for fee details and locate fee-free ATMs if possible.
  • Boosts: Keep an eye out for "Boosts" in your Cash App, which can offer discounts or cash back rewards when using your Cash Card at specific merchants.
  • Direct Deposit: You can set up a direct deposit to get your paycheck or government benefits deposited directly onto your Cash Card.
  • Security: If your Cash Card is lost or stolen, you can instantly freeze it from the app to prevent unauthorised transactions.

Remember, it's always wise to stay informed about any changes in fees, limits, or features, as these may evolve. Enjoy the convenience of your Cash App Card and make the most of your digital wallet.


Thanks to Walmart and other participating stores across the United States, adding money to your Cash App card has never been easier. Whether you choose Walmart, Walgreens, 7-Eleven, or other options, you have plenty of convenient ways to load your Cash Card with funds. 

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