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How To Cut Your Grandfather's Hair at Home Easily

My father is an old man. I have seen that going to the barber shop and have a haircut is a little bit tough for him, because when you go to the barbershop, you have to wait for a while, sometimes the barbershop is not nearby, for an older man it is difficult as they are usually weak, and most of the time they remain sick. So I was thinking about how I can solve this problem?

 I researched, and I found the best idea to cut my father's hair with a clipper, and you know what, it made my father more comfortable. Then I think why not share this idea with others?

 It can be helpful for many people in this situation like me. So here I am sharing with you how to cut an older man's hair at home.

Step 1 (preparation)

Do you have a clipper in your home? 

If your answer is "no," .then first thing first, you must have a clipper, and if you are looking for the best clipper source, I will suggest theidleman.com. You will find a thousand clippers reviewed there.

Clippers are electronic devices, and it runs by electricity or rechargeable battery, now there are many kinds of clippers you have to choose the best clipper, for it's long-lasting you have to follow some rules, 

Cleaning the clipper:

Your clipper will last longer based on use, so clean the clipper every time after use. You can find a little brush to clean the clipper. Also, you can use a toothbrush for better results.  

Keeping the clippers, keep your clipper at a dry place, unless it will get caught by humidity.

 Reading the guideline:

There is an instruction guide in the box; read it for a better concept.

Oiling the blade:

There is a small bottle of oil in the box; use it to make it work smoothly. If it gets finished, you can also use coconut oil for it, 

The final step

Choose a bright place in your home. Also, you can do your cutting at washroom if it's big enough, make him sit comfortable, cover his body with a cloth, brush his hair, usually older men like to have short hair, and remember, their hair is thinner than others hair, so take the guard at a lower level, on the other hand, do on-demand, start from the backside, go against the grain of the hair, stop at the middle point, thus cut all the side, now comes the front side of the head, if you to cut it short, then cut like the before, if you are not!

 Take a guard of 6 or 9 mm and cut it to the back. When you finish cutting, it's time to give a shape to the hair, take off the guard, and make a square or round shape at the edge side of the hair,  


Use an aftershave when you finish the edge part of the hair to save the body from any infection. Brush again to see how you cut the hair.

 If you made any mistake, then solve it, remove all the extra hair from the head, clean the body with a brush, make sure you are doing this slowly, because a single mistake can ruin all the haircut, clean the clipper as I told you before.

Final word

Older men can't sit for a long time, and they also suffer from many diseases, so it will be constructive for them if you learn to cut their hair at home, and it's straightforward with clipper, it may need some time to get used to cut hair at home, but soon you will be able to do this correctly, as a proverb goes, 'practice makes a man perfect' so, no more worries for the older men's at your home.

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