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How to Format a Lenovo Laptop?

Producing cutting-edge Computers and mobile internet gadgets, Lenovo is one of the top personal technology businesses in the world. Using Lenovo laptops or its services could result in a number of different problems for customers. At that time, people hunted for ways to contact the representative so that they could get assistance with the process of formatting Lenovo Laptops. The greatest and most reliable services are what Lenovo is dedicated to giving to its clients.

If you are facing an issue while using the Lenovo Laptop and want to know How to Format a Lenovo Laptop? You must read the details given below

Reset Your Lenovo Laptop While Saving Files:

You can format a Lenovo Laptop by following the steps as per described below:

  • Open the Lenovo Laptop.
  • Go to the Windows Start option and select the option settings.
  • At the bottom, you will see the option Recovery. Click on that.
  • Tap on the Reset PC.
  • Select the Keep my Files option.
  • Select a Windows reinstallation method. Choose Local Reinstall or Cloud Download.
  • Choose next to begin the Reset.

Your Lenovo Laptop will get formatted after following this process. 

You can also use another process to format the Lenovo Laptops, as per mentioned below.

 Perform a Format and Remove Files:

You can also format the Lenovo Laptops by removing the files. To format, you must obey the steps are mentioned below:

  • Choose Settings from the Windows Start Menu.
  • Select Recovery by tapping.
  • Decide on Reset Computer.
  • Then click on the Delete Everything option.
  • Select a Windows reinstallation method. Choose Local Reinstall or Cloud Download.
  • To start the Reset, choose Next.

If you are not able to format a Lenovo Laptop and need help, then you can also use the alternative ways to contact the customer support agent.

Use the calling process to format the Lenovo Laptop:

If you need further assistance regarding your concern, call the Lenovo tech support number at 1-855-253-6686/ +1-802-341-3474 .You will receive assistance in locating a solution and will receive answers to your inquiries. To ensure that its clients have a trouble-free experience using Lenovo laptops, Lenovo is continually delivering top-notch services to them. Customer service is available around-the-clock. They are really committed to giving their customers the best services possible.

Contact via Live Support to format:

Lenovo provides live help, where you may speak with an agent who will assist you by responding to your inquiries. There are several methods to get in touch with the live support representative. In order for its consumers to enjoy utilizing its products to the fullest, Lenovo consistently gives them the greatest services.

How to Format in Windows 10?

Follow these steps in Windows 10:

  • Make your selection in Settings from the Windows Start menu.
  • Just click Get Started under Reset this Computer.
  • Choose Just delete my files.
  • Select Reset.


The aforementioned are the ways through which you can format your Lenovo Laptops. For further assistance, you can also visit the official website of Lenovo, and the customer support agent will provide you with full help regarding your concern. 

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