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Is it possible to update Wifi Drivers on Windows 10

If your computer with Windows 10 is lagging in performance while searching for something, then it is a sign of corrupted WiFi drivers. For those who don’t know what the working of WiFi drivers is, then it builds communication between the operating system and your current adapters. The best part is that update the WiFi driver is not a challenging task; you can direct some steps. 

Steps to update the WiFi Drivers on Windows 10 

You can update the WiFi driver in two ways:

  • Download WiFi drivers online 
  • Download WiFi driver with device manager option

Download WiFi drivers online 

It is an easy way to download the updated version of the WiFi driver directly on your system and enhance the overall performance. 

  • First, you have to open the command prompt; you can do this by clicking on Win+R
  • In this window, you have to press then netsh wlan show drivers 
  • Here you can get the information about the current driver and copy the driver’s name and search on the browser 
  • You can see the different links; you can opt for one and let it to download to your system

Download WiFi drivers with device manager 

  • At first, you need to search for the device manager on your system 
  • Click or search windows+Q
  • You can see the search box and search for device manager; it will automatically show the device manage icon 
  • You can see the network adapter, click on it, and you can see the option for an update 
  • Click on it, and windows will automatically install in the system, and when it finishes, you will be notified

With these two methods, you can See how do i update my wifi drivers on windows 10 . You can opt for any one of them as both can help you to update the drivers fast or which seems suitable to you. 

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