How does seat selection work on Delta?

After booking the flight ticket with Delta Airlines, they assign you a seat. But if you must select the one of your choice, you must have complete information about the seat selection procedure and its terms and conditions. There are some guidelines set by the airline for selecting a seat. If you still need assistance, you can also contact the customer service representative. While searching for how seat selection works on Delta, you can go through the article mentioned below.

What is the seat selection policy of Delta Airlines?

Before selecting a seat at Delta Airlines, you must check all the rules and regulations set by the airline to avoid inconvenience during the journey. Delta seat selection policies are described below:

At check-in time, the passenger can select the seat of their choice if it is available.

If you have selected the seat by paying the additional cost and, for some reason, you need to change your flight, the charges will not be returned.

The passengers who have booked premium economy or purchased the Delta Airlines membership get priority for selecting the seat.

The passenger with a wheelchair or some medical condition will not get a seat near the emergency exit or in the front row.

How do I select a seat on Delta Airlines?

You can use the online method to select a seat at Delta Airlines. It is one of the most influential and swift ways, and you need to obey the steps described below:

Access to the official web link of Delta Airlines.

At the top of the homepage, click on the My Trip option.

Now, fill out the booking confirmation code, first name, and last name in the given boxes.

Scroll down and tap select a seat link.

After picking the seat the airline will send you the validation message on the mobile phone.

After picking the seat the airline will send you the validation message on the mobile phone.

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