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How to choose a blackout curtain?

Do you like sleeping in complete darkness? Do you want to protect your windows, and therefore your room, from heat or cold? Do you dream of reducing noise pollution from outside? We have what you need: blackout curtains! True allies of your peace of mind, these curtains have a good idea of ​​being fitted with a lining that blocks out light, cold or hot drafts, but also noises. Perfect for bedrooms, living room, front door, they offer you a real solution to the inconvenience of the outside, and therefore real comfort. You will find a multitude of models on the market.

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What is a blackout curtain?
A blackout curtain is a curtain whose thickness and lining provide a shield against the inconvenience of the outside.

There are 3 main families of blackout curtains :

The "classic" blackout curtain, which effectively protects your room from light (not to be confused with the opaque curtain, which protects you from prying eyes but lets light through). Particularly recommended for rooms that are not equipped with shutters or shutters, it ensures complete darkness for restful and serene nights.

The "thermal" blackout curtain, which protects your room from outdoor temperatures, whether high or low. Perfect for windows without double glazing, or aging windows that let in drafts.

The "sound" blackout curtain, which protects your room from noise pollution from outside. Ideal for windows overlooking a busy street, for example, it promises you peace and quiet.

You can also find blackout curtains on the market with more specific features such as the mosquito repellent blackout curtain, which, as its name suggests, is equipped with a natural mosquito repellent based on essential oils, perfect for summer nights ... But also the anti-wave blackout curtain, which reduces by 3 the magnetic field especially due to relay antennas, wifi, Bluetooth ...

After this quick overview, let's get to the heart of the matter: choosing the right blackout curtains. According to your needs? According to your style? Depending on the price? It's up to you!

Choose blackout curtains according to your needs
As you will have understood in the previous paragraph, there are 3 families of blackout curtains. To choose yours well, you must first identify your needs.

Need complete darkness?

It's not always easy to sleep when the daylight comes into the bedroom! The most effective remedy to overcome this concern? The blackout curtain!

It acts as a real barrier to the light and promises you a quiet and serene night, in complete darkness, even without shutters and shutters. Also perfect for children's rooms.

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