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How to fly with a baby on British Airways

Are you aware that British Airways allows you to travel with your baby? However, you should know How to fly with a baby on British Airways? You can also contact British Airways customer service for more information. It is easy to fly with an infant on British Airways if you know how to care for your baby. Traveling with an infant on British Airways can be daunting, but it can also be a rewarding experience with the proper preparation and know-how. 

For questions about British Airways' infant policy, call (800) 247-9297 or (800) 828-8144. An assistant will guide you further.

Discover British Airways flying with an Infant.

Our comprehensive guide will help you plan your journey and inform you about British Airways' infant policy. Get ready for a smooth and enjoyable flight with your baby!

How Much Do British Airways Charge for Infants?

According to British Airways ' infant policy, children under two can fly for free on an adult's lap for domestic flights within the UK. However, they must purchase a separate seat for international flights. Here are the costs:

  • International Flights: Infants flying abroad are subject to a fee that varies based on the destination and fare class. British Airways can provide further information regarding the unpaid costs of your flight.
  • Separate seat: Purchase a baby fare ticket if you give your child a different seat, which is usually cheaper than the standard adult fare.

British Airways Infant Fare Discounts

Infant discounts ( above two years)  

Children accompanying their parents are not eligible for child discounts for BMI domestic services in the UK and Ireland.

Here are the child discounts that apply to bmi services, except for some lower-class fares in Europe:

  • A child accompanied by an adult will pay 75% of the adult fare with a Base Fare Code + CH ticketing code.

The free baggage allowance for children traveling at the discounted rate is the same as for adults. The total adult rate will be charged for excess baggage.

Infant discounts (under two years) 

Depending on whether your infant will occupy a seat or not, British Airways offers different discounts for infants:

  • It is mandatory for infants not occupying a seat to pay 10% of adult fares. They must be ticketed with the Base Fare Code + IN and passenger type INF.
  • Ticketing codes of Base Fare Code + CH and passenger type INS will apply to infants occupying seats at 75% of the adult fare.

Fuel surcharges (YQ) do not apply to infant fares unless an infant occupies a seat.

British Airways' child policy

  • According to British Airways' infant policy, children under two can travel on British Airways flights either on an adult's lap or in their seat with an approved and fitted car seat. 
  • Passengers traveling with infants on their lap must inform British Airways at the time of booking, and they will be provided with an infant ticket at a discounted fare. 
  • Only one infant is allowed per adult.
  • A child fare must be purchased for infants traveling on their seats with a car seat. 
  • The car seat must meet the applicable safety standards and be able to be securely fitted to the aircraft seat. 
  • It is recommended to inform British Airways in advance and ensure the car seat is approved for use on an aircraft.
  • Infant baggage allowance on British Airways flights includes one cabin bag to be carried onboard and one checked bag. Additionally, parents are permitted to bring a fully collapsible stroller or pushchair.

Do babies fly free with British Airways?

According to British Airways' infant policy, Infant fares apply when an infant under two years of age sits on an adult's lap. This fare is usually a percentage of the adult fare. You must pay a child fare instead if you want your infant to have a seat.

Can I take baby milk on a plane on British Airways?

If you travel with a baby, you can take liquids through security if they are within the general liquid restrictions. Moreover, you may bring milk and formula in baby bottles, which can exceed the usual fluid measures. 


Traveling with a baby is seamless with British Airways' infant policy. Be familiar with the guidelines, add them to your reservation, understand the fees, and investigate the British Airways infant fares to ensure your baby has a relaxing and stress-free trip. I wish you and your infant a pleasant flight with British Airways!

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