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With a relatively low price, have you been looking for a streaming service for your show, then HULU might just be the best option for you. This comprehensive guide reveals everything you need to know about this streaming service.

Hulu remains an excellent source for TV shows, offering original series and movie at a relatively low-price among its competitor. It is one of the best TV streaming services for live or on-demand TV in the United States. And by expanding its on-demand TV show library and launching its original shows (such as the award-winning "maid's story"), the company has now grown into more than 28 million subscribers in the United States.

And note that although offline downloads have recently been added to the TV streaming service provider, they are currently only available to premium subscribers. That being said, their original series are also random. In addition, prices for their live TV services have also risen. And they hardly keep the honor of "Editor's Choice", probably because of its unique combination of on-demand and live content.

After all said and done, is HULU really worth the attention in spite of other TV streaming App?

Here’s what you should know about HULU:


For a little registration fee of $5.99 a month, you can now register on Hulu, which is significantly lower than Netflix's $ 8.99 plan. Note also that Netflix's low-level plans do not include high-definition video support, but HULU offer multiple high-resolution content and 4K Ultra HD programming its HULU Originals.

Are you unable to accept the idea of streaming videos with ads? Fortunately, Hulu also got you covered. It offers a second ad-free option, although you will still have to do away with some payment. You can get an almost ad-free plan for $ 11.99 per month to ensure that there are no ads in most TV series.


The main attraction of Hulu is of course, the television offering as it partner four major broadcasting networks: ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. The most popular shows on these channels are available the day after their premiere, and Hulu also maintains many show catalogs. For example, Saturday Night Live has about 400 episodes.

Outside that, it also partner some few other cable networks, such as FX, Bravo, Lifetime, TNT, and Comedy Center generally don't include the last season or episodes.


Like many of its competitors, Hulu also allows you to record your favorite live TV shows for future viewing. With a basic subscription, you get 50 hours of DVR storage in the cloud, but it doesn't allow ads to be broadcast quickly.

If you need this feature, Hulu says you can pay an extra $ 9.99 a month and get 200 hours of cloud-based DVR storage. Hulu helps users manage DVRs by showing the amount of storage they need. You have the choice to record all future shows (including repeats) or just new episodes.


Requires a Hulu broadband Internet connection with live TV. After registration, you need to use a supported device, such as Roku Express, Amazon Fire TV Stick, or Google Chromecast, to transfer content to your TV.

According to the website, here is a list of devices supported by Hulu:

Android phones and tablets

Apple TV (4th generation or later)


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Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

iPhone and iPad

LG TV (some models)

Mac or PC browser

Nintendo Switch

Roku and Roku Stick (some models)

Samsung TV (some models)

Xbox 360

Xbox One


Hulu's needs library has always been about TV shows, and that emphasis remains. The service offers hundreds of chapters and thousands of episodes from major networks. However, the rise of web-based streaming services, such as CBS All Access and NBC's upcoming video streaming service called Peacock, may be part of this broader content library. Disney's purchase of Hulu can bring a whole new life to the catalog, unless Disney decides to transfer everything to Disney. Regardless, you can keep up to date with the monthly guide PCMag provides to Hulu visitors.


• Perfect series and movie selection. DVR Cloud. Different channel layout. Almost any media streaming device is available.

• Price for its live TV has increased. The basic on-demand plan includes ads. And a premium account is required for the offline download function. 


Selection of series and movies. Cloud DVR. Different chains. Available on almost all multimedia streaming devices.


The cost of a live TV went up. Basic demand plans include announcements. The offline download feature requires a premium account, And also to view a few high quality original.


Hulu is a reliable choice for broadcasting neo-classical shows and live TV on various platforms. It is the first choice in video streaming services. Every penny spent on HULU, is worth it.

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