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IBM Cloud Professional Architect v6 C1000-172 Dumps

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Exam C1000-172: IBM Cloud Professional Architect v6
An IBM Cloud Professional Architect is a highly skilled cloud professional who is proficient in designing, planning, and architecting a wide range of solutions on the IBM Cloud platform. These solutions may encompass various elements such as systems, applications, capabilities, processes, and service components. This role demands a thorough understanding of the IBM Cloud ecosystem and its numerous offerings. As an IBM Cloud Professional Architect, one is expected to efficiently architect solutions with minimal assistance. This means they can independently navigate their way through the project, requiring limited help from support teams, project documentation, or subject matter experts. Their role is not only pivotal in creating robust solutions but also in driving the overall success of the project by ensuring the most effective and efficient use of resources.

Exam Information
Exam Code: C1000-172
Exam Name: IBM Cloud Professional Architect v6
Number of questions: 64
Number of questions to pass: 39
Time allowed: 90 minutes
Languages: English
Price: $200 USD
Certification: IBM Certified Professional Architect - Cloud v6

Exam Objectives
Section 1: Compute Options           19%

Section 2: Designing Cloud Solutions          16%

Section 3: Data Analytics and Data Management        6%

Section 4: IBM Cloud Storage Options         11%

Section 5: IBM Cloud Networking Options          23%

Section 6: Security        9%

Section 7: IBM Cloud Resiliency Features        8%

Section 8: Observability Capabilities          8%

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1. An airline company wants to build a complete solution for updating aircraft data, related maintenance schedules, working hours, and routes defined in an application. Which IBM Cloud database service is best suited for this application?
A. Db2
B. Db2 Warehouse
C. Databases for Snowflake
D. Databases for Elasticsearch
Answer: A
2. A company wants to implement a disaster recovery strategy for their critical applications. They require a low recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) and have a limited budget. They are willing to tolerate some downtime during the recovery process.
Which DR strategy option would be most suitable for this scenario?
A. Active/Passive
B. Active/Standby
C. Active/Active
D. Passive/Standby
Answer: B
3. Which technology does IBM Cloud Direct Link use to achieve high availability with two connections?
A. Using VPN connections with diversity
B. Using GRE Tunneling
C. Using Equal-Cost MultiPath (ECMP) with diversity
D. Using Equal-Path MultiCost (EPMC) with diversity
Answer: C
4. A solution architect would like to deploy a containerized AI application that involves highly sensitive data. Which infrastructure choice must the architect choose for the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service to obtain the most secure isolation?
A. Shared VPC infrastructure
B. Bare Metal Classic infrastructure
C. Shared Classic infrastructure
D. Public VPC infrastructure
Answer: B
5. What must be completed before adding a new network interface to a virtual server instance on IBM Cloud VPC?
A. Select the security group to be associated with the network interface
B. Select the access control list to be associated with the network interface
C. Create a public gateway to be associated with the network interface
D. Select the resource group to be associated with the network interface
Answer: A

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