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Best IVF center in Jaipur with high IVF success rate

If a couple is unable to conceive naturally or face any complications in the process of conception, it can cause a lot of stress and emotional pain in the couple's relationship. The spark and the bond which should have grown stronger with time decreases due to infertility issues, and they feel constantly pressurized by the society and other family members. If you too have been going through the same situations lately, don’t worry anymore as Aastha Fertility care- IVF center in Jaipur, gets you all the solutions for all your infertility issues all under one roof.

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The IVF treatments provided by the best IVF hospital in Jaipur  are extremely effective and affordable by one and all. The IVF center has a record of providing highly successful IVF results and they have around 90 percent of favorable results. The patients have always been highly satisfied and happy by the results provided by the clinic. The IVF center in Jaipur specializes in curing most of the infertility issues with the help of IVF procedure; the procedure is highly effective if a woman is facing fallopian tubes issues and also accounts for and helps a male dealing with sperm motility or decreased sperm count.  The cost of IVF at Aastha fertility care is also in budget and is affordable by everyone, the cost is around 80,000INR for the first cycle for Indian patients and is around 3000 dollars for all the NRIs and foreign patients. 

What is IVF?

IVF which is also known as In Vitro Fertilization comes under Assistive Reproductive Technology which mainly aims to help a woman conceive successfully, especially for the one who are dealing with damaged fallopian tubes or for the males dealing with decreased sperm count. As in this process the egg of the woman is artificially fertilized with the sperm, outside the woman’s body in an artificial environment, the process is generally conducted in a laboratory of a test tube baby hospital.  The fertilized egg or the embryo is then observed for a few weeks and is kept in an incubator, and when they finally start dividing themselves well under the given conditions, the fertilized egg is transferred back to the womb. If the woman is unable to, or doesn’t want to conceive herself the egg can be transferred to the womb of the surrogates or a gestational carrier. The IVF  process is only successful if the egg attaches itself well to the inner lining of the uterus; the confirmation of the conception is done through a blood test which is generally conducted after a week of the process. 


Why is IVF treatment better than any other treatment?

The IVF treatment is highly popular among the couples who are dealing with infertility issues as it has some key features, such as the fertilized egg can be transferred to the womb of gestational carrier or a surrogate. The IVF process can be even used after menopause, or the same sex couples for conception. Some of the other key features are mentioned below. 

a) The process can be used at any age and time in accordance to the patient’s timeline.

b) The process is highly effective and it even works when all the other processes fail to work.

c) The chances of conception are higher and the live and healthy birth rate is higher than any other process dealing with infertility.

d) The IVF procedure is quite affordable and IVF  costs around 85,000 for the first cycle of the procedure in India.

e) This is the only procedure which can help a woman conceive after, a woman has achieved menopause and wants to conceive late. 

Factors which determine the success rate of IVF-

A lot of factors when seen together determine the success rate of the IVF process, which depends from patient to patient and hospital to hospital in general.  The IVF Success rate in Jaipur is around 44-55 percent for all the young women or the woman below 35 years. Some of the common factors determining the success rate of IVF procedure are mentioned below.

a) The success of the IVF process is highly dependent on the quality of eggs which are used in the process. If the eggs are of the bad quality the success rate decreases and hence the process is directly proportional to the quality of eggs used. 

b) Timing of ovulation is another factor which determines the success of the process. This means that the eggs should be timed precisely so that they are not over matured or are immature. Optimum timing has to be taken on an individual basis of the patient for the success of the process.

c) Receptivity,  is how well is the patient able to take the process, or how medically fit is the patient on whom the IVF process is conducted. This varies from one person to another individually.

d) Embryo transfer is also a factor which determines the success of the process, as only if the embryo attaches itself well to the inner lining to the uterus, then the process is successful. 

e) The quality of the sperm which is used in the process also determines the success of the IVF procedure. 


Why choose Aastha Fertility care- 

The IVF center in Jaipur started its services in 2005, and since then they have been working hard to deal with infertility issues and curing them successfully. The success rate of the hospital is around 90 percent and they have always satisfied their patients with the positive results. Dr. Namita Kotia is the IVF specialist of the IVF clinic  and she with her team has fulfilled a lot of couples dreams by giving them parenthood. The IVF  hospital provides their patients with highly transparent and effective treatments. There are a lot of real time testimonials shared by the patients which went through treatments with Aastha Fertility care.

“ Neerja and Ashok, patients of Aastha Fertility care from Jaipur are extremely thankful and grateful to the clinic and the doctors, as they were able to conceive successfully and are blessed with twins. They highly praise and recommend the hospital to all the patients dealing with infertility and add that the center is extremely caring, transparent and the team is highly caring” 


The IVF center in Jaipur  has been awarded by various known personalities at different occasions for their excellent work in treating infertility. Patients can book an online session with the Fertility specialist of the IVF clinic to discuss their infertility issues or can directly walk down to the center to discuss their problems. To know more about the IVF center , the different services and different packages provided by the hospital one can check out their official website https://aasthafertility.com/ and can book an appointment with Jaipur’s best IVF center today.

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