How do I connect to Icelandair?

Icelandair has been very much phenomenal in the services and amenities that it has been providing to passengers from the time since its establishment. It has always been very well accommodating to the needs of the passenger along with finding the perfect solution to the issues that get raised. The passenger who has booked a ticket with the airline and would like to connect with Icelandair customer service-(00)1-800-223-5500 to request special assistance can refer to the details given below for their perusal. 

Connecting to Icelandair through the chat process:

The passengers can connect with the airline through the chat icon link present on the official website. Once the passenger goes to the official website of Icelandair, they can simply carry on with the procedure given here.

  • Navigate through the entire landing page to find the Support link at the top end.
  • Tap on it to avail of the various drop-down options and go over it.
  • Select the Contact Us icon to get access to the page containing information on all contact modes.
  • Scroll over all the options provided, and then choose the Chat With Us link.
  • The dialogue box for chat will appear simultaneously, where the passenger can ask the question that requires a response. 
  • Once the chat is initiated, the visual agent with the airline will get connected to provide a satisfactory response to the request that has been put forth.

Communicating with the airline through calls:

Icelandair allows the passenger to connect with them through a call. On the same page where the passenger was able to access the chat icon, there is the option for placing the call with the airline. The passenger can click on it to get the number for calling as (00)1-800-223-5500. 

The dialed number will be connected to the team after a certain waiting time, wherein the passenger will be asked to follow through with the instructions given. On successfully following the IVR process, the passenger would then be assigned a representative. 

What are the customer service hours with Icelandair when a call is placed?

The passenger can connect with the airline on all days of the week, pertaining to the timings of availability with the airline, which is 7:00 AM–1:00 AM GMT or 3:00 AM–9:00 PM ET.

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