Are Indian Grocery Stores Available In Germany?

The number of Indians going to Germany for higher studies and jobs is rising significantly. With more than 1.8 lakh Indians applying for visas in Germany, about 69000 Indians are working as professionals, self-employed, and students. 

Indians are fond of two things: culture and food.  In a country like Germany, there are large Indian communities who decide that they don’t want to eat the cuisines of a particular place and want to remain as Indians. To cater to this section of people, Indian grocery store have been developed. 

And you will be surprised to know what all these grocery stores provide to put a full stop to your cravings for Indian beverages and food.  

Difficult Indians Face Buying Grocery in Germany?

It is not easy for Indian Expats to find Indian Grocery Stores in Germany, especially if you are in a new place. 

Facing difficulties of gloomy weather, language barrier, arranging day-to-day vegetable and grocery needs are the barriers every Indian immigrant faces in Germany. Spending time outside the hectic life for groceries and rushing for every small essential make it hard, as there are only a few stores.


After the pandemic, people have faced several challenges and burdens to travel this far. Also, most of the stores were open for limited hours, making it burdensome to rush at the same time for shopping. Proposing an easy solution to this is online shopping for groceries and other basic needs. Shopping in online stores saves time, energy, and money in a busy lifestyle.

These shopping websites give many exciting offers like coupons and discounts, which help shoppers save a lot. Also, you are provided with multiple options to buy from, compared to the store visit, and with filter options, you can shop conveniently for the items you want. 

Online Indian Grocery Store in Germany Provides Grocery at Your Doorstep


People in today’s world, especially after the pandemic, are getting used to ordering online to shop for the products they need. COVID also imposed crowd and travel restrictions, with stores opening for a particular period which was difficult for Indian immigrant students and people working from home to go and shop for daily essentials in Germany. That’s where the online shopping stores came in. 

Shopping in online stores is much easier and convenient as people can easily access stores from laptops and mobile phones. Also, Indian groceries are not readily available in Germany, making it difficult for ex-pats to shop daily or weekly. So buying online will save time, energy, and transportation expenses as the product will be delivered at your doorstep; sometimes with free delivery or with minimum charges.  

The online shopping stores are open 24 hours a day. Therefore, you can think about shopping for what you want from these stores at your convenient time. It allows you to avoid queues and waiting lines for billing. Also, you can buy products at better prices with available offers, discounts, and coupons. Therefore, with a wide variety of choices, easy payment methods, and discount options, Indian Expats can enjoy the authentic Indian food taste.

Things You Will Find on Online Grocery Stores in Germany 

Wherever Indians travel, they always look around for Indian food and spices. However, it becomes challenging and almost impossible to manage daily needs and grocery items with a busy lifestyle. To serve this Indian grocery stores located in Germany provides a variety of choices that includes:

  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Spices and Masalas 
  • Ready To Eat Food Items 
  • Flours and Atta Mixes 
  • Cereals and Pulses 
  • Pickles and Chutneys 
  • Organic Indian Tea
  • Packed Snacks Sweets

Offers and Discounts 

You will get most of the products online at reasonable prices with other summer or winter offers.

Besides this, the products come with great discounts and offer for Indian ex-pats living in Germany like,

  • Free Delivery
  • Within 30 mins delivery at doorstep
  • Amazing coupons and gift card options
  • Sunday offers with Instant Discount
  • Festive Discount

Dookan Online Grocery Store in Germany 

If you are an Indian settled in Germany and looking for authentic Indian food and spices, Dookan is a one-stop solution for your desi needs. You have numerous options to choose from, making selections easy and flexible. Additionally, you can download the app for Dookan.com to keep up with their offers and other beneficial schemes frequently introduced.

Apart from multiple categories of products like veggies, fruits, flours, spices, cereals, and beverages, Dookan offers discount codes, reward points, clearance sales, bundle offers for all the Indians residing in Germany. 

Scroll down or search for your option in the offers tab for reduced prices and discounts on the website and place your order now for hassle-free delivery. 

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