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Instagram Shopping for Business

Instagram Shopping for Business

The growing demand for Instagram is the ideal social media platform for businesses. With the latest shopping feature added to Instagram in February 2018, businesses can secure higher conversions from their Instagram fans, get more from Instagram, and grow. With more true  buy Instagram followers Canada,  you can show your brand to the right target audience and have meaningful interactions with them by targeting products that guide your Instagram fans to make a purchase.


Thanks to the Checkout feature, introduced in 2019, users can purchase directly on the platform. Sixty percent of users were found to be looking for and discovering new products on Instagram, with 130 million people wanting to learn more about a product by taking advantage of a shopping post.


Instagram Shopping is worth using for your business, and here’s everything you need to know to turn your Instagram fans into customers.


What is Instagram Shopping?

Instagram Shopping enables users to shop directly for products they find on the platform through post-tagged products, allowing you to gain exposure by allowing products to be displayed to the platform’s 500 million daily users. There are different types of removable jobs that your business can take advantage of:


Feed posts

Shippable Instagram feed posts allow you to tag up to five products in the photos for your store catalog.


Carousel posts

With Instagram Shopping for carousel posts, you can tag 20 products in your images, making it easier for you to showcase your entire product range. When your product is clicked on your feed, it will appear on a separate shopping feed, and your Instagram fans can see all of your tagged products on it.


Products tagged in Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are very popular and allow you to connect to your online store so that users can get acquainted with them. You can even add product stickers to your Instagram Stories to promote shopping and allow Instagram followers to view product details, even if you have less than 10,000 followers.


Why were Instagram Shopping posts used?

One of the benefits of Instagram Shopping is growing business by turning your Instagram followers into customers. Other benefits include:


Making the shopping process easier for Instagram fans

Once you can grab users ’attention, you can provide them with the information they need to make a purchase using Instagram Shopping.


Serve as a virtual storefront

Shopping posts on Instagram, whether in your feed or your Stories, fit perfectly with the aesthetic of your brand, so that the videos/images chosen can keep your editorial style without compromising the brand’s personality.


Connecting with trapped audiences

When you use Instagram Shopping, you are reaching out to your Instagram followers, who are already audiences who are engaging with your brand and products/services. All your Instagram followers have to do is click on the mail order shopping bag icon to learn more about the product.


Set up Instagram shopping for your business

Meet Instagram needs

According to Instagram’s requirements for using the shopping platform, only authentic retailers and ecommerce businesses can make sales through Instagram.



There are two ways to do this:


By adding a store section to your Facebook page

By using a product catalog on the Business Manager

Instagram review of your account

Once you have completed the first two steps, you need to sit back and wait for Instagram to review your account before granting you access to use its Shopping features.


Once you get permission from Instagram to use its Shopping features, you can start using product tags in your stories and posts to engage your Instagram fans.


Product tags in posts

You can include product tags in your images (five items per image or 20 items for a roundabout post), with the “Tag Products” option appearing under “Tag People” and shopping enabled. The tagged articles will be removed from the Facebook product catalog created, and when these posts are shared, a shopping bag icon will appear at the top right so your Instagram followers are notified.


Sustainable Stories

Product stickers or quick links in Stories can be used to generate more sales. You can set up Stories using different types of stickers - shopping bag icon, translucent text, product name sticker in bow / gray color.


Shopping in the Explore tab

The Explore tab has over 200 million visitors, and in 2018, Instagram launched a separate content channel for shopping, based on users ’shopping interests. If your content is optimized to appear on the exploration board you can greatly boost sales through brand exposure.



Boost Sales with Instagram Shopping

Tag images with numerous products

You can get better value for your photos by clicking an image/carousel with your products. By tagging multiple products in a particular post, you increase the likelihood that you will get noticed by Instagram fans. When multiple products are tagged, they also display together on a product page, and tagged items also display other tagged items under “Also Featured in This Post. You should also replace product tags on posts with a point so that the information is clear when clicked. Remember, Instagram is mostly used by mobile phones, and the screen space on mobile phones is much smaller, so if your Instagram fans can read the tags, they need to be separated.

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