What is KLM airlines group booking?

Planning a trip for your family, friends, business associates, or others? Do you want to know about KLM group booking? Today, in this post, you will understand about the group booking process and policies of KLM in simple steps.

KLM group booking policy

KLM Group booking allows passengers to book tickets for at least 10 members or more. But before reserving the seats with klm group booking, you must know about their group booking policy, which is mentioned here: 

  • For the kLM group booking number of passengers must be 10 or more. 
  • Each adult passenger can travel with 2 babies on group booking. 
  • KLM does not allow passengers to travel with more than 12 children, and their age must be under 15. 

Process for KLM group booking

KLM is one of the prominent and reliable aircraft that offers modern services and amenities to their passengers.  If you want klm group booking deals then you can use below mentioned steps: 

  • Reach out to the authorized site of KLM in your browser. 
  • Find out the Group booking option here. 
  • Here, you will see the application form for group booking. 
  • A form will appear as you click the option. 
  • Details like a trip, departure, arrival, travel dates, etc, must be filled in. 
  • The airlines will notify you about tour group booking confirmation. 
  • Make the payment, and then your seats will be reserved.  

Contact the KLM executive using a phone  

In a situation, if you are unable to make the booking on your own or not able to understand how to initiate the process then you can ask the executive of KLM. Use this phone number to interact with KLM. Share your problem with the KLM agent regarding your group booking issue, and you will be served with the best possible solution as soon as possible.


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