Kheerganga Trek: A perfect Detailed Guide

Kasol is always famous among backpackers. As this place offers the best of the trekking trails and some are accompanied by the gleaming Parvati River in the midst of the Parvati Valley. This cheerful hamlet is a paradise for tourists. This place experiences numerous Israeli settlers which lead it to be called “Mini Israel of India”.

When it comes to the trekking experience at Parvati Valley, Kheerganga Trek always tops the list with its pristine and raw nature. The trek is filled with glittering waterfalls, swirling rivers and leafy forests bordered with snow clad mountains all over. This trek is a complete package of adventure with the staggering trekking trail. The Malana Village, The Tosh Village, hot springs of Manikaran and Parvati river give a panoramic view to this ultimate destination for a perfect vacation.

Kheerganga trek

About Kheerganga Trekking Routes 

Kheerganga trek is always an alluring journey to cover. It becomes more fun when you reach midway Barshaini, a quaint village with the facility of a taxi stand with some of the stays option and dhabas. 

You can choose your own route for the trek as the path diverts into halves at the Barshaini bridge. 

If you are an amateur and want to enjoy your trek for a bit long with easy trails then just go right from the bridge at Barshaini. There you will sanke up to Kalga village which will allow you to explore the foliage forests with pristine nature. 

As you will go left from the bridge you will be on the scenic and the shorter route. This route will pass through Nakthan Village, and if you are not a pro then avoid taking thi route but if you want to rekish the thrill of trek then this route is perfect for you. 

Once you reach Kheerganga you will not be provided with a lot of facilities but yeah it will be worth experiencing some. Due to no electricity the camps and other establishments work on generators so it might be costly. There are no permanent camps allowed temporarily. As of now Rudra nag is an overnight camping spot. You can witness some cafes and tea houses at the Kheerganga with the glittering Parvati kund. 

This Kheerganga Trek is not that difficult but it is not recommended for people with medical issues. 

Best season for Trek

Best part about the kheerganga trek is that it is almost available throughout the year. The trek becomes a challenge during monsoon. The trails get to rest during the weeks of peak winters because of heavy snowfall. You can enjoy the trek during the months of April to November and get the best in April/May and September/October. 

Read Before you Leave

  • Try to keep yourself hydrated before two days of trekking so that you can ditch dehydration on your way of trekking. 
  • You will definitely be needing some trekking shoes. Then choose a half a size larger than your actual size which will prevent sore fingers. 
  • You need to protect some of your electronic stuff like mobile or camera. If you are carrying then you need to carry some plastic waterproof bags.
  • Try to keep up with the group with whom you start with the trek and maintain a constant speed to avoid premature fatigue. 
  • It is advisable to carry windcheater but it is not advisable to wear it while trekking through your trek. If you wear windcheater while trekking then it will cause a suffocated feeling as our body generates heat during trekking which leads your body to sweat. 

Things to Carry

  • Water bottles
  • Torch
  • Warm clothes
  • Back pack (60 l)
  • Day pack  (30 l)
  • Thermal innerwears
  • Hiking shoes
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Rain covers
  • Extra pair of socks 
  • First Aid kit 
  • Personal medicines

By Road: Travelling by road is always a pleasure and a fun thing where you get a chance to witness the best of landscape where you can board a bus to Bhuntar from all major cities or you can book yourself a private cab or bus and make the journey more convenient. 

By Rail: You can travel by train but the nearest railway to Kasol is Chandigarh Railway Station which is 310 km, from where you can board a private/government bus to Kasol or a private cab which will surely be expensive. 

By Air: Bhuntar airport is the nearest airport which is connected with major airports via Delhi and Chandigarh. Kasol is at a distance of 32 km from Bhuntar Airport. You can enjoy a small ride in a private or government bus to reach Kasol after getting off at the airport or you can book your own ride in a private cab. 

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