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Existence Of Living Organisms In The Quantum Realm

Have you ever gave thought to the question what is the quantum theory? If it's yes, then you are probably in the right place. Quantum theory, or more commonly known as quantum physics, is one of the two leading theories along with general relativity that generally explains everything regarding the universe. While general relativity talks about the bigger picture, i.e. the world we see around us, quantum physics is much more complicated than that. It tries to explain the quantum entanglement, i.e. understanding the space-time at a subatomic level.

While classical mechanics can explain everything that happens in the macroscopic world, understanding the microscopic world is much more difficult. Quantum physics came from the word quanta that mean small packets. The scientist Planck first coined the term in 1900 which later on in 1905 was further furnished by Albert Einstein.

Schrodinger first introduced the thought experiment of the existence of a living organism in the quantum realm. In the past few years, this hypothesis got popularity after the introduction of ant man in MCU.  Scientist Erwin Schrodinger first gave the paradox commonly known as Schrodinger's cat which talked about the possibility of the survival of a cat if placed inside a sealed box along with a flask of poison and a radioactive source placed with it. The paradox goes in this way if the seal of the box is opened, radioactivity is detected and the flask breaks which in turn kills the cat. Even if a single atom decays still the cat dies. So, after a while, the cat could be found simultaneously dead or alive, not either dead or alive. This is because when the quantum superposition is about to happen will not be known to anyone. After the paradox became famous in 1935, Schrodinger proposed the other thought experiment when raised several arguments in the scientific society.

Schrodinger's cat

A better understanding of the quantum realm could be done in this way. Just think about an instance where you lost your car keys. The possibility could be that whether you could find the keys in your living room or at the dining room. This gives us a 50% chance of finding the keys in any one of the rooms, but if you lost the keys in the quantum realm, you have a probability of finding the keys in the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom or a thousand different places at the same time.

antman in quantum realm

The quantum realm as defined, is the MCU is a subatomic realm, which can't be seen through the naked eyes. yet it posses a havoc amount of healing energy in order to treat any illness. Even traveling to the quantum realm has been shown in the film. But fiction aside, the existence of living organism might be possible which we will be talking about in a minute.

Quantum physics in biology

Yes, you heard that right. In 2007 it has been found that photosynthesis was a result of biology as well as quantum physics. Quantum superposition is done in order to find the shortest route for the transportation of food in plants. Just think about it, how fascinating this could be? Other questions that could be answered through quantum effects are the behaviors of the migratory birds and how they are able to fly in a particular direction in order to escape winter. Their biological compass certainly works on quantum theory.

quantum superposition

Now, keeping all the hypothesis and theory in mind, a bigger question arises. Is the existence of living organisms possible in the quantum realm. What I think is that if such organisms are to be found, they won't be following any laws of classical mechanics while completely based on quantum theory. their cellular structure is also bound to be different than ours and their existence might even seem like a superpower to us.

So, what do you guys think about it? Is the existence of a living organism possible in the quantum realm? Let me know in the comment section below.

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