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Why Are Mobile Event Apps Getting So Much Attention?

A mobile event app is a software-based application that is being developed and made available over the app store. These apps are the most trending and demanding solution for an event planner because of their capabilities. They can be used for any kind of event whether you are hosting a conference, trade show, or virtual events. They can carry all the information related to the event and can make it available to the attendees, giving them a more convenient solution. Also, mobile event apps have the capability to enable interaction and enhance engagement for all the involved parties. With their integration capabilities and smart features, these apps are the most suitable solution for any event.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the most interesting things about these mobile event apps and find out why they are getting so much attention and becoming popular.

The Reason Why Mobile Event App Is Becoming a Big Deal

Imaging an event without the aid of a robust and successful mobile event app is difficult. They have become an essential part of any event and play an important role in the success of the event. These apps can fulfill all the needs and requirements of event registration, management, marketing, and more. There is an array of reasons to discuss why these apps are the need of the hour and becoming so popular. The following reasons are: 

Allows Easy Setup for the Event

Most of the components of your event can be automated or set up if you are not present. You can simply decide on the necessary details about what is needed to be done. And keep track of everything, moreover, you can change the chat option and manage a chat room for your staff for effective communication. The app can also be customized to meet the needs or for a single purpose, such as it can act as an event ticketing platform.

Keep the Audience Engaged

Undoubtedly, event apps can act as a channel of communication between the event planner, sponsors, exhibitors, attendees, and other stakeholders. It can keep the event alive with effective engagement throughout the event. It can help keep the audience attentive and involved with its features such as polling, live chat, live-streaming service, gamification, etc. With push notifications to pass on necessary information and surveys to get insightful feedback.

Helps You Go Green

Using a mobile event app can help you save the environment by reducing or eliminating paper usage. During an event, there are so many registration forms, banners, flyers, tickets, etc. being distributed which increases the paper waste. The app can easily do all the work and can stay updated at all times. Eliminating the paper usage can increase the financial status of the event.

More Sponsor Opportunities

Using an app can provide more sponsorship opportunities and offer more branding. As the demand and availability of white labeling increases for different features. Most of these event apps offer brilliant solutions for this with all the latest up-to-date features for managing and planning the event. The app allows you to display your sponsor logos and ads on different parts, depending on your preference.

Allow Personalization for Exhibitors

The app is not only available to you but to your exhibitors, attendees, and all the other involved personnel. Your exhibitor can set up their booths to suit the requirements, and it is not a concern to anyone. With the mobile event app map feature, the booths can be made visible and interactive for the visitors. They can access it for product information, downloads, chats, and more with a single click. Exhibitors can make necessary adjustments at any time, and they won’t need to deal with a long line of representatives.

Provides Networking Opportunities

If all your attendees have downloaded the same app after event registration and ticketing, it can provide networking opportunities for them. They can find all the details about the attendees inside the app and can easily connect with each other. This is to facilitate networking with features like profile searching and matchmaking.

The App Gathers Leads and Information

The app can act as an event registration platform for most of the attendees and when it matters the most during the event when the participants absorb the goods and services. The app is ideal for gathering lead data, it can precisely collect all the valuable information of the attendees and feed it into the event CRM or marketing platform.

The app can act as an event registration platform for most of the attendees and when it matters the most during the event when the participants absorb the goods and services. The app is ideal for gathering lead data, it can precisely collect all the valuable information of the attendees and feed it into the event CRM or marketing platform.

Encourage Communication Among the Attendees

A mobile event app is the most suitable solution for facilitating communication between the attendees and other participants. No matter what is the type of event physical or virtual, it can help them communicate with one another in the chat rooms and networking areas. It can significantly increase interaction and engagement, which results in a higher success rate of the events.

Necessary Features of Event Apps

There are multiple benefits of using an app, from streamlined event registration and ticketing process to collecting vial data and information. However, choosing a suitable app with the necessary features is a must, and all you need is to select them based on your event type and needs. How can you select the right app with the features is discussed below:

The event apps should be capable of providing basic information and key features such as event agendas, surveys, speaker bios, etc.
Communication and personalization features are a must-have. To facilitate interaction and increase brand awareness and visibility.
Other necessary interaction and engagement features such as gamification, polls, matchmaking, etc.
Having a suitable monetization feature inside the mobile event app is necessary because this data can help during the event ROI.
Networking features are necessary for the app because attendees can make new connections while using it.
Social media integration can help to engage the audience effectively.
The event apps should be compatible with marketing tools and lead generation features that are necessary for any event.


Using a mobile event app has become an important part of event organizers. These apps can help streamline the multiple processes of event planning and give effective solutions. There are multiple advantages to using these apps, and they are the reason why they have become popular and getting attention. With multiple options to choose from, there are some important features that should be looked for.

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