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5 Natural Corners for a Getaway to Asturias.. Very Green!

Autumn may come and with it the desire to disconnect: a getaway to enjoy nature, a hot coffee and the fire in a fireplace. Or maybe the heat is starting to get hotter and you want to escape to the cool of the green mountains that contrast with the blue sky in the Cantabrian Sea. The reality is that, for me, any excuse is a good one to make a getaway to Asturias and feel that nature that makes you feel tiny. So here I leave you my 5 favorite places to disconnect in the Natural Paradise :

1. Somiedo Natural Park

This place not only claims to be a Natural Park, but it is also a Biosphere Reserve. In the heart of the Cantabrian Mountains, it is a perfect destination to get out of the routine and live a very green getaway surrounded by lakes much less crowded than the famous Lakes of Covadonga. The Lake Valley , my favorite place to stay, is a small green paradise with stone houses and thatched roofs, which are called teitos , from where you can also go hiking and reach the three small lakes of Saliencia . Are you ready for a getaway between brañas in the vaqueiro style ?

escape-asturias-somiedo 2. Muniellos Reserve

Just knowing that you need to make a prior reservation to access and that only 20 people a day are allowed in, already indicates that it is a very special and protected place. In this Biosphere Reserve you can discover the most unknown part of Asturias, but if there is a place that deserves a special mention for me, it is the Fuentes del Narcea, Degaña and Ibias Natural Park . Above all, the latter. Ibias is the least known council of the Principality and, therefore, the least exploited, so get ready to visit villages anchored in the past, to observe an architecture full of granaries and pallozas and, above all, to meet its people and the great stories behind them. A getaway to the origin!


3. Taramundi

In western Asturias, this town is known for its knives , but the reality is that Taramundi is much more than that. Taramundi are mountains and streams everywhere, they are paths and roads in the purest rural style , they are stone houses and slate roofs and, above all, it is green. Very green. In addition, you will be able to know in depth trades of the past such as ferreiros or observe the operation of the old mills . And eating? Don't leave without trying the cheese with hazelnuts and walnuts!

For something is that this area of ​​Asturias is considered one of the pioneers in rural tourism in Spain.

escape-asturias-taramundi 4. Naranjo de Bulnes

In the Picos de Europa National Park is one of my favorite places. I love to get lost in the mountains and go hiking, it would be impossible not to mention the impressive Naranjo de Bulnes . Also known as Picu Urriellu , this mountain that owes its name to the orange color of the limestone that forms it, is a must for every mountain lover. The fact of walking for hours surrounded by mountains and with a fairly steep slope will make you feel enormous pride when you reach the base. As a tip, I recommend that you reserve a place in the small and only refuge in the area so that you can enjoy the surroundings the next day. Of course, get up soon and you will meet the roe deer at the door. A real show!

asturias-picos-europe getaway

5. Redes Natural Park

And, of course, I am going to close my list of green getaways to Asturias with another Biosphere Reserve. To get to this Park, you can let yourself be guided by the river Nalón, passing through small towns that will disappear when you reach the entrance. Although the park is one of the least extensive in Asturias, it has countless routes to be able to meet nature in places where, even Asturians themselves, have hardly even arrived. Caves, waterfalls, streams, lakes, oaks, beech trees and an infinity of flora and fauna will accompany you if you decide to choose the Redes Natural Park for your next trip to Asturias. My favourite place in this Park is, without a doubt, the Tabayón waterfall that, in addition to having easy access, gives you a photograph worthy of much more exotic destinations just a getaway away.

Tabayón waterfall

And you, what places do you like to escape from routine and disconnect? If you are more of a beach than a mountain

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