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NetApp Hybrid Cloud Architect NS0-604 Dumps

Are you beginning your preparation journey for the NS0-604 NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Architect exam? If so, Passcert has recently launched a comprehensive and updated set of NetApp Hybrid Cloud Architect NS0-604 Dumps. These materials are designed with real exam topics to provide a thorough understanding of the subject matter. The key benefit of these resources is that they allow you to evaluate your preparedness and identify areas that may require additional study before you make your final attempt at the NetApp NS0-604 exam. Our NetApp Hybrid Cloud Architect NS0-604 Dumps can significantly increase your chances of successfully passing the exam on your first try.

NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Architect
Before embarking on this examination, it is expected that you have attained a level of proficiency in analyzing, positioning, and designing NetApp Hybrid Cloud solutions and concepts. These skills are essential in meeting the diverse needs of customers across various sectors. The examination places a focus on one of the three major public cloud service providers, namely Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure. While assistance may occasionally be required, the candidate should primarily be able to handle these tasks independently.

NS0-604 Exam Topics
The NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Architect (NS0-604 exam) includes 60 test questions, with an allotted time of two hours to complete.
Customer Requirements

NetApp Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Business Continuity and Data Protection


Sizing and Scale



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1. An administrator needs to manage access to information inside and outside of their organization. This includes making human resources (HR) documents accessible to HR staff only and sharing information with third parties for a set amount of time in the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.
Which NetApp data service should the administrator use?
A. BIueXP classification
B. BIueXP automation catalog
C. BIueXP operations
D. BIueXP digital dvisor
Answer: A
2. A customer deploys NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP in Azure without an outbound internet connection. NetApp AutoSupport is still updating. Which component is proxying the AutoSupport messages?
A. Intercluster LIF
B. HA interconnect
C. connector
D. gateway
Answer: C
3. A customer wants to scan the organization's data by using NetApp BIueXP classification. The customer wants to search by using Data Fusion. Which two databases are supported for scanning? (Choose two.)
A. Microsoft SQL Server
B. MariaDB
C. Oracle Database
D. Azure Cosmos DB
Answer: A, C
4. A customer configures NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP in AWS with NVMe Flash Cache for read performance acceleration. Which cloud storage service should the customer monitor?
A. Amazon File Cache
B. Amazon Elastic Block Store
C. Amazon Simple Storage Service
D. Amazon Elastic File System
Answer: B
5. An administrator needs to configure StorageGRID information lifecycle management (ILM) policy rules for NetApp BIueXP tiering using FabricPool technology. The ILM durability must be flexible, allowing for additional storage nodes during quarterly scheduled StorageGRID expansion.
Which erasure coding level should the administrator use?
A. 2+1
B. 4+1
C. 6+1
D. 8+1
Answer: A

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