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New Salesforce AI Associate Certification Dumps

The latest Salesforce AI Associate Certification has recently been launched in 2023. This certification aims to assist individuals in obtaining the Salesforce AI Associate accreditation. To enhance your chances of achieving success in the exam, Passcert offers the latest Salesforce AI Associate Certification Dumps which comprehensively cover all the exam objectives, providing you with the necessary knowledge and skills to pass your exam with flying colors. By utilizing these Salesforce AI Associate Certification Dumps, you will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently pass your exam with outstanding results. Trust Passcert to be your reliable partner on your journey to certification success.
How to Pass the New Salesforce AI Associate Certification Exam?

About the Salesforce AI Associate Credential

The Salesforce AI Associate Certification is for individuals who are ready to bring positive and significant changes to their organizations using AI technology. With the rapid growth of AI, individuals are looking for opportunities to expand their knowledge and prepare for the future of work. This certification is designed for people from all backgrounds, including business leaders and professionals, who may or may not have any prior knowledge of AI. This certification will validate foundational skills in the ethical and responsible handling of data as it applies to AI in CRM.

By successfully passing the Salesforce AI Associate exam, you demonstrate foundational knowledge and understanding of:
AI and data capabilities in the Salesforce Platform
Key components of the Customer 360 platform
Trusted Salesforce AI principles, particularly in the context of CRM systems like Salesforce and its suite of products
Implications of data quality and data model accuracy for AI
How stakeholders can use AI to improve their business by identifying opportunities for AI-driven improvements and potential challenges
Ethical and responsible handling of data, including privacy, bias, security, and compliance considerations

Salesforce Certified AI Associate Exam Information

Content: 40 multiple-choice questions
Time allotted to complete the exam: 70 minutes
Passing score: 65%
Registration fee: USD 75 plus applicable taxes as required per local law
Retake fee: Free
Delivery options: Proctored exam delivered onsite at a testing center or in an online proctored environment. Click here for information on scheduling an exam.
References: No hard-copy or online materials may be referenced during the exam.
Prerequisite: None

Exam Outline

The Salesforce Certified AI Associate exam measures a candidate's knowledge and skills related to the following objectives.

AI Fundamentals: 17%

Explain the basic principles and applications of AI within Salesforce.
Differentiate between the types of AI and their capabilities.

AI Capabilities in CRM: 8%

Identify CRM AI capabilities.
Describe the benefits of AI as they apply to CRM.

Ethical Considerations of AI: 39%

Describe the ethical challenges of AI (e.g., human bias in machine learning, lack of transparency, etc.).
Apply Salesforce's Trusted AI Principles to given scenarios.

Data for AI: 36%

Describe the importance of data quality.
Describe the elements/components of data quality.

How to become a Salesforce Certified AI Associate?

To become a Salesforce Certified AI Associate, follow these steps:
1. Start with the Basics: Ensure you have a strong understanding of the Salesforce platform and its core functionalities. Familiarize yourself with the Salesforce ecosystem, including its various products and services.
2. Learn about Artificial Intelligence: Gain knowledge and understanding of key AI concepts, including machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics. Familiarize yourself with how AI is integrated into the Salesforce platform.
3. Study the Exam Guide: Review the official Salesforce AI Associate Certification Exam Guide to understand the exam objectives and content areas. This will help you identify the topics you need to focus on during your preparation.
4. Utilize Study Resources: Take advantage of Salesforce's official study resources, such as Trailhead modules and guides, to deepen your understanding of Salesforce AI. Additionally, explore reputable third-party resources and study materials to supplement your learning.
5. Hands-on Experience: Practice working with Salesforce AI tools and features in a sandbox environment. This practical experience will help you apply your knowledge and gain confidence in using AI within Salesforce.
6. Take Practice Exams: Test your knowledge and assess your readiness by taking practice exams. Salesforce provides sample questions and practice exams that simulate the actual exam environment.
7. Join Study Groups: Connect with other professionals preparing for the Salesforce AI Associate Certification. Join study groups or participate in online forums to discuss concepts, share insights, and learn from each other's experiences.
8. Schedule Your Exam: Once you feel confident and adequately prepared, schedule your Salesforce Certified AI Associate Exam. Choose a date that allows you ample time for revision and final preparations.

Share Salesforce Certified AI Associate Free Dumps

1. A developer is tasked with selecting a suitable dataset for training an AI model in Salesforce to accurately predict current customer behavior.
What Is a crucial factor that the developer should consider during selection?
A.Number of variables ipn the dataset
B.Size of the dataset
C.Age of the dataset
Answer: B

2. A data quality expert at Cloud Kicks want to ensure that each new contact contains at least an email address …
Which feature should they use to accomplish this?
B.Duplicate matching rule
C.Validation rule
Answer: C

3. What are some of the ethical challenges associated with AI development?
A.Potential for human bias in machine learning algorithms and the lack of transparency in AI decision-making processes
B.Implicit transparency of AI systems, which makes It easy for users to understand and trust their decisions
C.Inherent neutrality of AI systems, which eliminates any potential for human bias in decision-making
Answer: A

4. A healthcare company implements an algorithm to analyze patient data and assist in medical diagnosis.
Which primary role does data Quality play In this AI application?
A.Enhanced accuracy and reliability of medical predictions and diagnoses
B.Ensured compatibility of AI algorithms with the system's Infrastructure
C.Reduced need for healthcare expertise in interpreting AI outouts
Answer: A

5. How does a data quality assessment impact business outcome for companies using AI?
A.Improves the speed of AI recommendations
B.Accelerates the delivery of new AI solutions
C.Provides a benchmark for AI predictions
Answer: C

6. How is natural language processing (NLP) used in the context of AI capabilities?
A.To cleanse and prepare data for AI implementations
B.To interpret and understand programming language
C.To understand and generate human language
Answer: C

7. What is a Key consideration regarding data quality in AI implementation?
A.Techniques from customizing AI features in Salesforce
B.Data's role in training and fine-tuning Salesforce AI models
C.Integration process of AI models with Salesforce workflows
Answer: B

8. Which statement exemplifies Salesforces honesty guideline when training AI models?
A.Minimize the AI models carbon footprint and environment impact during training.
B.Ensure appropriate consent and transparency when using AI-generated responses.
C.Control bias, toxicity, and harmful content with embedded guardrails and guidance.
Answer: B

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