OutSystems Architecture Specialist 11 Exam Questions

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Architecture Specialist (OutSystems 11) Exam

The Architecture Specialization exam centers around the core principles of designing OutSystems Architecture. It is aimed at developers or architects who possess a high level of autonomy in creating robust OutSystems Architecture, with a focus on scalability and the goal of ensuring efficient and sustainable application lifecycles. This exam is a crucial milestone on the path to becoming a certified OutSystems Professional Developer and/or Architect. To be eligible for the Architecture Specialization exam, you must have already obtained the Associate Reactive Developer Certification.

Exam Details

Exam Name: Architecture Specialist (OutSystems 11)

Format: Multiple choice

Number of questions: 30

Passing score: 70% (21/30)

Exam duration: 90 minutes

Exam Fee: $100 US

English: English, Espaol, Japanese, Português

Exam Objectives

The Architecture Specialization centers around the core principles of OutSystems application Architecture, including Architecture Canvas, design process and validation, architecture patterns, application composition, and style guide architecture. The table below provides a breakdown of the topics and their corresponding percentages.

- Architecture Canvas: 13%

- Architecture Design: 37%/40%

- Validation and Refactoring: 23%/27%

- Style Guide Architecture: 10%

- Application Composition: 13%

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1. The Architecture Canvas is a multi-layer framework. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of this framework?

A.It optimizes lifecycle independence.

B.It identifies possible performance bottlenecks.

C.It minimizes the impact of changes.

D.It promotes a correct abstraction of reusable services.

Answer: B

2. Themes and Layouts are an important element of an application. In which of the following would you define these elements?

A.MyApp_CS Module, in the Foundation layer

B.MyApp_BL, in the Foundation Layer.

C.MyApp_Th Module, in the End-User layer

D.MyApp_MTh, in the Foundation layer.

Answer: C

3. Architecture Canvas has 3 layers. Which is not part of the 3 layer framework?

A. Foundation

B. Ochestrator

C. End-User Layer

D. Core

Answer: B

4. What is the new name for Architecture Dashboard?

A. Architecture Validation

B. Architecture Canvas

C. Architecture Framework

D. AI Mentor

Answer: D

5. Which of the below is NOT part of the three step process of Architecture Design Process?

A. Assemble

B. Shape

C. Disclose

D. Organize

Answer: B

6. SSL Pinning is a security best practice for mobile application. Which of the below is FALSE about SSL Pinning?

A. All of the above are true

B. SSL Pinning or HTTP Public Key Pinning (HPKP) helps reduce man-in-the-middle attacks

C. SSL Pinning does not mean hardcoding the public key into the code.

D. Works on the client side and adds verification of the server certificate against hashes of public keys, which are pre-bundled with the mobile app

Answer: C

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