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Palo Alto Network PSE-SASE Exam Dumps

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Share some SASE Professional PSE-SASE exam questions and answers below.

What is an advantage of the unified approach of the Palo Alto Networks secure access service edge (SASE) platform over the use of multiple point products?

A.It allows for automation of ticketing tasks and management of tickets without pivoting between various consoles.

B.It scans all traffic, ports, and protocols and automatically discovers new apps.

C.It turns threat intelligence and external attack surface data into an intelligent data foundation to dramatically accelerate threat response.

D.It reduces network and security complexity while increasing organizational agility.

Answer: D

What is a differentiator between the Palo Alto Networks secure access service edge (SASE) solution and competitor solutions?

A.path analysis


C.ticketing systems


Answer: A

What is a disadvantage of proxy secure access service edge (SASE) when compared to an inline SASE solution?

A. Teams added additional tools to web proxies that promised to solve point problems, resulting in a fragmented and ineffective security architecture.

B. Exclusive use of web proxies leads to significant blind spots in traffic and an inability to identify applications and threats on non-standard ports or across multiple protocols.

C. Proxies force policy actions to be treated as business decisions instead of compromises due to technical limitations.

D. Proxy solutions require an unprecedented level of interconnectivity.

Answer: B

Which element of a secure access service edge (SASE)-enabled network uses many points of presence to reduce latency with support of in-country or in-region resources and regulatory requirements?

A.cloud-native, cloud-based delivery

B.converged WAN edge and network security

C.broad network-edge support

D.identity and network location

Answer: A

What happens when SaaS Security sees a new or unknown SaaS application?

A.It forwards the application for WildFire analysis.

B.It uses machine learning (ML) to classify the application.

C.It generates alerts regarding changes in performance.

D.It extends the branch perimeter to the closest node with high performance.

Answer: A

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