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Baby Care Tips and Products for Newborn,Infant and Toddler

 Being a parent is one of the most wonderful experiences one can feel in this world. If you are happily married for many years this thing can double your happiness and increase the bonding in your relationship. 

In today’s rat race world people often choose to enter into parenthood quite lately being too much concerned about their career. Sometimes this decision could be dangerous. We hope you have not made the same mistake as you are already reading this article. Parenthood is not all about couples. It is a wave of emotion of the entire family around your beloved little one or ones. Grandparents start enjoying their life again after retirement from a long hectic service period. Brothers and Sisters are so excited because they got a new playmate. Parents get a chance to cherish and enjoy their childhood again. All the stress of work-life is relieved at the end of the days when you see your little one smiling at you. 

But wait this does not mean only pleasant things will happen to you all the time. Parenthood also brings you a lot of responsibilities and worries. If you are going through the same then don't worry. This is going to be one of the best baby care tips articles ever which will help you to manage your newborn, infant, toddler, and preschoolers. We have also mentioned a list of parenting products besides the tips that are mainly helpful for those Indian parents.

What are the common challenges for new parents?

What is postpartum depression?

In some cases, babies are born with some minor to severe complications after delivery. Imagine you just got the surgery and have postpartum collapse. It may be due to pain in different parts of a women's body like the leg, knee, and joint. what makes it worse, some may feel extreme postpartum depression, and your baby is also not being well. 

Newborn Jaundice

The most common problem for a newly born baby is high bilirubin level AKA newborn jaundice. In most cases doctors use phototherapy. In Phototherapy, babies are exposed to a blue-green spectrum (wavelengths 430-490nm) of light which is not harmful. There is a common misconception that it is UV rays. But it is pretty frightening to see your baby under ray when others are displayed in a baby exhibition

Premature baby at home till 7 months

A baby will be called premature if he/she is taken out from mother's womb before 37 weeks. This is the worst nightmare any parent could ever have. In this situation, parents or any member of the family are not allowed to visit the baby. They are kept in the neonatal division under constant monitoring. It will be a roller-coaster of tension in this situation. You can do nothing but pray. Even if you bring your child home complication it could last till 7 months.

Unwell Mother

In this case, your baby may be in healthy condition but unfortunately, the mother is not. This is also a pretty bad situation. No one can compensate for the needs of a newborn baby than a mother. Babies get fussy and cry a lot if they do not feel their mother around. It is equally frustrating for mothers to not be able to take care of their newborns.

How to treat your baby

There was a time when parents did use to get too much worried about after having a baby. Because they knew many experienced people in the home could take care of their little ones. They used to rely on their suggestion and caretake. Nowadays most parents have to manage all by their selves due to a smaller family. You need to learn all the things from the hospital authority about how to handle your babies. Starting from feeding, making them sleep,  burping, dressing, diapering, and whatnot. In the vast to-do list, it is very common to miss something and get worried. A newborn baby has to be nursed at least 10-12 hours a day.

The baby does not stop crying

When your baby makes a transition from a hospital nursery to your home, likely, he/she is not going to like the change. You have to be prepared to spend a few sleepless nights after bringing your angel home. You would be clueless about what went wrong and how you can give some comfort? Well, my consultant suggested keeping my baby to a room temperature of 20-22 degrees. I don’t know how much it helped. But it depends on the nature of your baby. There could be various reasons for your little one’s discomfort. Some common factors you need to keep your eye on.

  • Feeling hungry
  • Cloths are not comfortable
  • A diaper is wet and it is time to change it
  • Feeling pain somewhere.
  • The baby is feeling bored
  • Feeling Sleepy but can’t sleep
  • Looking for mother

If the crying does not stop for a very long-time during the night. It is an indication of colic. Colic happens in every 3 newborn babies out of 100. This is a pathetic situation for parents. Your baby’s pediatrician can prescribe some medication to reduce stomach pain. But that does not help much.

Parents may have to watch their babies for up to 3 months.

Insufficient Lactation

Mother’s milk is the most important food in the world. There are many artificial products is available in the market nowadays. But doctors still recommend the former one. The irony is some of these products also give disclaimers about it. But nowadays it is a very common thing that just after delivery mothers lack lactation. The reason behind this is mostly early delivery. When the child is born through  C-Section

, mother's body is not adjusted to secrete the hormones to perform lactation. This is mentally frustrating for mothers. Because you know what is best for your baby, but you can’t give it to him/her. Some babies.

Choosing a correct babysitter

This is a matter of concern for parents who do not have any members in their homes. They often bring a babysitter to take care of their loved little ones. It does not guarantee that you will get a very obedient person who will listen to everything you want. As your baby will be in constant touch with that person apart from you. You need to monitor her hygiene and work all the time. Brining an unknown person sometimes involves the risk of monetary theft, loss of privacy, and whatnot. 


This is pretty natural for parents after having a baby. There could be multiple factors that can cause this. Next few months parents need to sacrifice many things. You cannot eat anything you want. And this is not only for mothers. They need has to spend many sleepless nights and irregular daily routines. You can not make yourself sick during this period. Otherwise, your baby will suffer too. Parents cannot concentrate on their professional careers. It cannot be neglected much as it is important for the future of your baby too. But every parent does not have the leverage of paternal or maternal leaves for a very long time. 

How to Choose the correct consultant for your baby?

When you are already fighting with all the issues after your baby and you are settled down a bit, it is highly likely your baby will get some unwell days. In most cases, people continue to visit the pediatrician assigned to the baby from the hospital. Because most parents think they have already know the history of their baby well, so they can treat it better. 

But sometimes the medication just doesn’t work instantly. That time loss of patience and lack of trust is quite natural. They immediately seek a second opinion. 

Picking up the correct consultant could be quite challenging. We would list down some points that would help you to decide the correct course of action.

  • Do not get worried too much if the problem is not that big. 
  • Try to get a consultation over the phone/ WhatsApp first. Some good doctors would not ask to visit for very small problems. They would happily consult for free over the phone
  • Do some basic studies about the medicine your consultant is prescribing to your baby. Ask about them to your friends in the medical profession.
  • Visit some websites where reviews are given to pediatricians. Do not just blindly fall into the reviews. Confirm with your know sources
  • The more crowd means a good doctor is a very bad conception. The more crowd means more waiting time for your baby. If your baby is feeling very sick do not wait in the long queue for the perfect consultation. It would make the situation worse
  • Avoid doctors who listen less and write more the prescription. If your doctor listens to the problems carefully and does not care much about the time taken per consultation are best. Have faith in them.
  • Ask the silliest question you want to ask and make a note. A good doctor will always answer with a smile your dumbest questions
  • It is better to avoid the doctors who give strong doses of antibiotics for small problems. It makes your baby very weak


Now we will tell the simplest strategy to verify whether a doctor is treating your baby rightly or not. It is nothing that complex. Do a basic query about the doctor from whom you planning to take the second opinion and compare the treatment he has prescribed with your primary consultant. If both of them are telling the same thing then it is better to stick with the first one. Because he has more experience with your baby than the latter one. If that is not the case, then repeat the same process for a third consultant. And keep on doing this until you find a match. One can choose the consultant with similar suggestions with their personal preferences based on visiting hours, clinic location, crowd, and consultation fees

What are the must-have items you need to take care of your baby?

As your little one will grow day by day, you will need different products to buy to take care of him/her. Believe me, it will long list of shopping which is not stopping anytime soon. First, let’s come to the most essential items that should have to be there in your Wishlist. 

We would divide these products into the following categories

  • Sleep
  • Wellbeing
  • Baby Hygiene
  • Bath



Baby Wrapper 

This is the product parents need after your baby is delivered to them. It is very useful during the cold season. Whenever you bring your baby outside you can wrap babies to protect them from outside dirt and infections. Babies also feel cozy when they are wrapped. It helps them to sleep peacefully. 


Baby Cot 

Some parents prefer their baby to sleep in the baby cottage due to less space in the bed. It also gives them the provision to swing the bed to make their baby sleep. It is better to buy a big one to use for it up to 2 years

Infant Bed

This is a good option for those who want to keep their babies beside them in bed. It also comes with pillows and a mosquito net which make babies sleep peaceful


Feeding Bottles and Nipple

A newborn baby requires to feed frequently. It is one of the most essential items which you cannot miss from your baby's wish list. There are many companies available on the market in different price ranges based on quality. But when choosing a feeding bottle parents should look into a few important aspects as follows

  • Bottles should BPA free
  • The age limit written on the pack should be checked carefully
  • It should be sterilizable
  • Infants feel pain in their cheek when they suck if the nipple is too hard. So when the plan to buy a bottle its nipple should be checked as well as far as the softness is concerned
  • If a baby does not suck at all, there is the option of the bottle with a spoon ahead of it. The bottle is squeezable for this type


As an infant mostly takes breast milk, It is tough for a mother to serve her babies every time they demand. They have other works in the household too. It is a good alternative to breastfeeding to make babies calm. It also helps when your baby wants to sleep on its own. It comes with a lot of verities and may work up to babies of 1 year old. Sometimes it is available with some fruit syrup, but it is better to buy the plain silicone made ones

Rattle Toys

Babies get bored often and they need something to play with. Whenever they got fussy these toys help them to calm down as a distraction. Some parents find it very useful while feeding their babies as well. If your baby is not in the mood to take food, it is a pretty good tool to distract them and achieve your goal. But remember do not use the same toy, again and again, they will get bored on this as well.

  WISHKEY Colorful 7 Rattles and 1 Teether Toy Set

WISHKEY Kid's Non-Toxic, Shake and Grab Ball, Educational and Developmental Toys with Storage Bag Baby Rattles-Set of 3

Ramakada Lovely Attractive Colorful Toddlers 7 Rattle and 1 Teether Toys Set for Babies 8 Pieces

Baby Wardrobes

There will be a long list of shopping for your baby. After buying all those products parents need a very accessible place to keep them. What could be better than a wardrobe specially designed for your little one? All the necessary accessories can be put here they also like it.

Keshav International Kid's Wardrobe Cabinet 4 Door Storage Organizer Almirah Rack Shelf for Clothes Living Room

Flipzon Multipurpose 6 Shelve Baby Wardrobe, Foldable, (Unbreakable Material) (Blue)



Baby detergent and softener

This product is also necessary for newborns. Their skins are very sensitive and prone to infections. Parents should be extra careful about their baby’s skin hygiene. So they should choose cotton cloths and wash them frequently with soft detergents and softener. It may not be relevant for toddlers and above depending on their skin type. After all parents want their babies to be dressed up like little angels.

Mamaearth's Plant Based Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent, with Bio-Enzymes and Neem Extracts, 1000ml

Mee Mee Mild Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent (1.5 L - Bottle)

LuvLap Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent, Food Grade,1000ml

Chicco Ammorbidente Superconcentrato per pelli sensibili Superconcentrated Softener for sensitive skins (750ml)


Washing your baby’s bottles is not enough. To make it germs free it should be put under the vapor of a sterilizer machine. Parents should sterilize plastic utensils and bottles at least once. It also helps to remove the bad odor post usage. One should be careful instruction of the device and the utensil before use to avoid accidents 

Philips Avent 3-In-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer


Some parents do not consider it necessary but let me tell you it is an important product especially for the newborn. Though parents can ignore buying this when their babies cross 1.5 years.

Mee Mee Anti-Bacterial Baby Liquid Cleanser (1.5 L - Bottle)

LuvLap Liquid Cleanser, Anti-Bacterial, Food Grade, For Baby Bottles, Accessories and Vegetables, 1000ml


Baby Handkerchief 

Infants often start drooling after 2-3 months. This is high time you need to stay alert. Parents should not clean their babies’ mouths from anything. Parents also should be cautious if babies are trying to clear their mouth drops in their clothes. There is a high risk of infection and their babies’ stomachs could be upset. These lovely handkerchiefs are available online or in any baby shop. Which is specially made for sensitive skins.

Billy Bum Washcloth for New Born 100% Hosiery Cotton/Reusable Extra Soft Face Towels washcloth for Babies (7 pieces) Color may vary (Pack of 1)

BabyButtons Cotton Washcloths/Napkin/Hankies/Soft Cotton Face Towels for Unisex (Gift Pack of 8)


There was no concept of diapers in old times. But now parents do not have much time to change again and again and wash the clothes every time. So this innovation has made their life a bit easy. Though it is arguable how much comfort babies feel after they wear it. For infants should only be put into diapers during nighttime. It makes their sleep more peaceful. 

There are two types of diapers available in the market. 

  • Taped style diaper(Preferred for a newborn)
  • Pant style diaper(Preferred for babies above 6 months)

Pampers Active Baby Diapers, New Born, Extra Small, (NB, XS) size, 72 Count, Taped style diaper

MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb Diapers Monthly Pack, Medium (Pack of 114)

But doctors recommend not to use it during day time as their skin needs to breathe. Toddlers can be put into diapers for a longer time during the day. But remember it should be changed after 2-3 hours. Otherwise, there could be a chance of urine infection.  

Sunuo Baby's Cotton Cloth Diapers/Langot Washable and Reusable Nappies (Multicolour, 0-6 Months) Pack of 10 Pieces (White)

SoftcareTotzTouch Premium Cotton Hosiery Fabric Wide Padded Baby Reusable Nappy/Langot Age (0 Months - 3 Months) Pack of 6 (Children: XS)

DOLPHERS Baby's Cotton Diapers/Langot Double Layer Cotton U Shaped Washable and Reusable Nappy (Multicolour, 0-6 Months) Pack of 24 Pieces

Wet Wipes

Baby wipes are extremely useful utility and parents should carry one with them every time. But remember baby wipes are different from normal wet wipes. Those are very handy in cleaning your baby's face and sensitive areas. One should always choose normal baby wipes instead of added chemicals and fragrance

Mee Mee Caring Baby Wet Wipes with lid, 72 Pcs (Buy 2 Get 1 Free)

LuvLap Paraben Free Baby Wipes with Aloe Vera, with Fliptop Lid (72 Wipes/Pack, Pack of 3)


Feeding Utensils

Your baby’s utensil should be special and always kept in a secure place free from any kind of insect or dirt. As it will be used frequently extra care should be taken to clean this feeding bowl and utensils

Here are a few utensils parents must keep

Fisher-Price Squeezy Silicone Food Feeder, Pink, 125ml

Munchkin Stay Put Suction Bowl (Purple, Green and Blue) -3 Pack

Fisher Price Heat Sensitive Soft Spoon for Baby, Pack of 1 (Blue)


Utensil Cleaner

As already mentioned that your baby's utensil needs extra care. As they are comparatively small and have delicate corners (feeding nipple, the bottom of the bottles), parents should choose a cleaner with high durability and the ability to clean every corner of the utensil. Any unclean food can cause diarrhea and other food infection

SYGA Baby Milk Bottle Nipple Straw Brush Sponge Nylon Cleaning Brush Cleaner Bottle Tong Set (Color May Vary) (4 Pcs)


Tongue cleaner

Babies mostly intake dairy-based foods. And these foods stick to the tongue of your baby. It is very important to clean it regularly. There are many varieties of tongue cleaners. One comes with soft bristles in a finger cover and the other is bristles attached to a stick. One chooses anyone depending on their choice.

Mee Mee Tender Tongue Cleaner Brush (Single Pack, Green)

Mee Mee Unique Finger Brush (Pack of 2, Green)


Nail Cutter

Like adults baby’s nails also should be trimmed regularly. The reason does not need an explanation. Apart from hygiene babies often hurt themselves with their nails. But it is very risky to cut the nails of babies. Parents should be extremely cautious during this process. These nail cutters come with a magnifying glass to see your baby’s little fingers with utmost focus

Mee Mee Gentle Nail Clipper (Single Pack - with Magnifier, White/Green)




Baby Bathtub

Some babies love to play with water and some are afraid of it. If your baby belongs to the first category, then you can choose any bathtub. But for the second type, one should choose a large one. Parents should also keep in mind that they may need to travel with their babies. So when choosing the bathtubs it is better to select the bathtubs which could be pumped with air

Intex Inflatable Kids Bath Tub, 3 Ft (Multicolor)


Bath Face Cover

It is not a very essential item to buy. Some babies do not feel comfortable wearing it. If you are using a shampoo and soap which does not create irritation to the eyes then it can be ignored. But if your baby is comfortable with it then there is no harm in using it.

SWARG Baby Safe Shampoo Shower Bathing Protection Soft Shower Cap Hat Wash Hair Shield for Children Kids To Keep The Water Out of Their Eyes & Face


Baby Bather

This is an alternative to a bathtub. But it is only useful for small babies. Once they become toddlers it is difficult to hold them in this inclined item. Some parents use to prefer it because small babies can sit properly and water disposal is pretty smart in this item.


LuvLap Jungle Tales Baby Bather for Newborn and Infants, Compact and Foldable, 0-9 Months (Pink)

Bath Towel

Babies get very excited after taking a bath. There is a high chance that they will make you wet as well when you are going to clean the water from their body. This product is very helpful to cover that smartly. Just put it after the bath and it will serve both the purpose

BRANDONN Newborn 3-in-1 Rabbit Wrapper Baby Bath Towel (Pink)

MOM'S HOME Organic Cotton Baby Muslin Swaddle (Multicolour, 100 x 100 cm) - Pack of 3


There are many more things to add to this list and the tips for handling a newborn baby are also endless. But we tried to cover some very basic but important things we have experienced parents and this will make your baby happy and healthy. We hope this article will somewhat help you organize things and plans you are making for your new family member. 

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