Tathagata Das

Pros And Cons Of Surveillance Systems Which Are Currently In Use

With the advancement of technology day by day, the most two crucial words in our lives i.e privacy and security don't go hand in hand anymore. If you want security in your life then you have to compromise with your privacy and if you want to hold on to your privacy then you have to give up security. Now before talking about the pros and cons of surveillance systems which are in current use, let me just break down the different types of surveillance systems that are currently in use.

1) Outdoor video surveillance system

This kind of surveillance system mainly deals with the talking of outdoor video footage.

The public surveillance camera is a great example of such a surveillance system.

Surveillance camera

2) Indoor video surveillance system

This surveillance system deals with indoor video footage recording. The home security

cameras are a great example of such a surveillance system.

Indoor video surveillance system

3) Miscellaneous

In this third category, I have included all the other types of surveillance systems such as motion detection, sensors, cameras with a cloud storage facility which greatly helps with storing almost unlimited video footage and so on.

After breaking down the types of surveillance systems, its time to talk regarding its pros and cons. As I already told earlier,

one should always keep in mind that privacy and security don't go hand in hand, not least anymore in today's world.

Pros of Surveillance systems-

1) The surveillance systems in time have always been proved to be highly effective while fighting against any crime.

2) It has reduced the crime rate in time.

3) It can easily work as evidence while working on crime.

4) Installation of surveillance system o roads has proven to have decreased the number of rash drivings.

5) Installation of surveillance cameras at home can be proven helpful in time.

Cons of Surveillance systems-

1) The first and foremost thing is that installation of Surveillance systems are very costly.

2) Since they are electronics, they are easily exploitable by hackers.

3) still the proper functionality of the systems are always questioned/doubted.

With regarding all the pros and cons, my fellow readers, you can easily understand that some technology with such pros can

easily have 1 or 2 cons. The same happened with the surveillance system, but to be more precise, the cos which I found,

are mostly some vague concepts. That's all for today.



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