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Master the art of fixing QuickBooks Error code 179

QuickBooks error code 179 is a technical issue in QuickBooks which mostly occurs while connecting to the bank account through QuickBooks. It may also appear while taking the backup of the Company files in QuickBooks. Soon after the appearance of the error message, all the unsaved processes and changes are lost and QuickBooks experiences a sudden shutdown. The error message which appears is “QuickBooks Error Code 179 During Backup forcing Rebuild”.  The error message suggests that the user should go for the rebuild tool for resolving the data integrity issues maligning the Company file. Go through this comprehensive article to know more.

What are the causes of QuickBooks Rebuild Error 179?

Although the list of causes is unending, in recent times the error has mostly been encountered due to the following causes:

·       The login credentials provided while connecting bank with QuickBooks are incorrect.

·       Incomplete QuickBooks installation.

·       The user is making attempts of connecting the bank via different QB Desktop accounts.  

·       Over-accumulation of junk files within the computer can also be attributed to this error.


Strategies to oust QuickBooks Error code 179

Follow the methods below to fix this issue permanently.


Strategy 1: Delete Temp files in the Web browser

The steps are:

·       Open the web browser.

·       Then head for Settings.

·       Head to the Privacy tab. Here click on Time Range and select beginning of Time.

·       Click on Cookies, Site Data, and Cached Images and Files and Temporary files.

·       Now, proceed with the Deletion of these files.


Strategy 2: Check the credentials carefully

Incorrect login credentials can directly lead to QuickBooks Error 179. So, carefully check the credentials when logging in to the bank account through QuickBooks. Also, try the Incognito mode on the web browser to login to QuickBooks. This can also bypass this error.

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