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Usable fixes for QuickBooks company file not found issue

QuickBooks company files are a collection of total financial data of the user’s business. But, accessing the financial data becomes impossible when the QuickBooks company file not found issue emerges while opening the data file. If this error message flashes on your QB screen while running a company file, go through this blog to discover the reasons and effective measures to resolve the issue.

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Why does QB fails to connect with the company file?

You can face trouble doing business accounting if the company file not found QuickBooks error appears on the software. The following conditions act as a trigger for this error to emerge on your QuickBooks-

  • The company file location is changed on your system, and the software still tries to fetch the data file in its old location.
  • The company file name contains special characters or invalid spaces, making it unusable for the software.
  • QuickBooks is restricted by an anti-virus or the Windows Defender Firewall from accessing the data file on your system drive.

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Technique to remove the data file issue quickly

QuickBooks displays this error code whenever you try opening the company file and the software fails to set up a path to the file. The error can be easily resolved by applying the following technique on your computer-

Solution- Search for the data file and transfer it back to its default location

You might run into this issue when QuickBooks fails to locate the company file on your computer. This can happen either if the file is moved to a different location or the software lacks the folder permissions to access it from your computer. You’ll see this error message whenever you try opening the company file, but the QuickBooks company file is missing from the location specified in the software. You can easily tackle the issue by searching the company file on your computer and moving it back to its default location. Here are the steps to use-

  1. Launch your QuickBooks and press F2 to go to the product information window.
  2. Find out the company file location and open it on your system to check if the file exists there.
  3. In case the file is missing, single-click the search panel and type the name of your company file with an * mark at the beginning.
  4. Right-click the company file in the search results and right-click on it.
  5. Select Open File Location to go to the system drive containing the company file.
  6. Right-click on the data file and tap Copy.
  7. Go to C: Users\Username\Public\PublicDocuments\Intuit\QuickBooksXX\CompanyFiles and paste the file in this location.

You must now remove invalid characters for the file name to ensure it doesn’t get blocked due to UNC naming protocols. Use these steps-

  1. Right-click on your data file and click Rename.
  2. Erase all the special symbols (<, >, &, etc.) and ensure there are no spaces at the front and end of the company file.


We are now at the end of this blog sharing why the QuickBooks company file not found error message comes up in the software. A correct procedure to eliminate the data file issue from your QBDT is also present in the blog, which can be used to open your company file flawlessly.

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