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Rajasthan Adventures – New 6 things to try in Rajasthan

Rajasthan state is characterized by its fabulous monuments, all reflecting the glory of the former era. Traditions, heritage, and culture all come together to give this state its own distinctive taste. No wonder, a steady stream of visitors is taking place throughout the year. Rajasthan's not just about the old temples, fine houses, unexplored strongholds and sparkling lakes. Just come out of your comfort zone and you will find that adventure in India is not a shortage. You will go to Rajasthan to satisfy your adventurous soul and experience an adrenaline rush, but you won't be deceived.

A variety of adventure sports also benefit from the unique landscape and topography. The adventure opportunities abound here, from jeep safari to paragliding. Some of these activities show you an entirely different stateside. This blog provides you with a list of exciting Rajasthan adventure sports that you should try on the next Rajasthan visit.

Hot Air Ballooning

Hot air ballooning is one of Rajasthan's most famous sports. An unforgettable experience with a hot air ball in Rajasthan's towns. A unique state perspective is provided by gliding past lakes, desert countries, forts, and palaces. If you want to rise in the sky, enjoy a bird's eye view of the magnificent scenery of the sand dunes, the oasis and the picturesque desert town, Rajasthan is the perfect location to enjoy the hot-air balloon adventure sports in India.

The trips are arranged in the morning or at dawn, depending mainly on the weather. However, from October to April, Hot Air Ballooning in Rajasthan is the best time to take place. Also, do not forget to take your camera with you while driving, as you really enjoy the views from above.


Parasailing is a sport you need to try when you are in Rajasthan, also known as parasailing. If anyone wants to experience adrenaline rush, nothing is better than to try parasailing in India. It is one of the country's renowned adventure sports. It is perfectly adapted for this exciting sport with its vast, spacious and open countryside of Rajasthan. This activity from a professionally guided gliding school is always recommended. This ensures that you enjoy the event while simultaneously being safe. Parasailing is available for adventurous sports in 5 major cities. Rajasthan


Rajasthan Paragliding is still in its infancy, but is becoming increasingly popular every day. The thrill and excitement of the sport make it one of the most exciting things for adventure lovers in Rajasthan. Rising over Rajasthan's golden blanket countryside you have unforgettable memories. However, only operators armed with the necessary equipment can participate in this activity. India is known for adventure sports and Paragliding in India can take place in nearly 20 destinations.

Zip Line

Zip Lining is now well known in India as it offers a thrilling, adventurous aerial ride. You can glide past the colourful landscapes and get a splendid view, even if you feel that your body is swamped with adrenaline. Zip lining is without doubt one of Rajasthan's most exciting adventure sports. Your constant partner here is thrill and advenient whether it is passing by a gigantic fort, desert lakes and forts or contrasting landscapes. Two major attractions in Rajasthan include Neemrana Fort and Mehrangarh Fort.


Hill stations were limited to trekking in India earlier. Here in Rajasthan, however, trekking is also very popular. The Rajasthan trek is one of Aravalli's thrilling and adventurous events. The mountains are one of the oldest in the world and offer great hiking opportunities. On the trekking route you will find several hotels. It is preferable, however, to remain in a must to experience Rajasthan's true culture.

Rajasthan Trekking Places: Trekking in Sariska-Alwar-Amer or the Udaipur-Kumbhalgarh-Chittorgarh belt is a possibility. Both routes offer an amazing walking experience.

Trekking time in Rajasthan: the best time for trekking is in winters or between october and mars. Seasonal treks, however, are also held year-round.


Have you ever heard about Rajasthan on a bike? Rajasthan cycling through the different destinations can show the geographic diversity of the state, the contrast in different cultures, lifestyles and much more. Furthermore, cycling itself is an enjoyable experience and the freedom to explore any destination or location at your own convenience is the best part.

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