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Reading Books: A Worthy Habit Indeed with benefits

Before going further into the topic, let's make a poll into the comment section down below to let me know how many of you guys out there love to read books? Well, when it comes to reading a book I am certainly a geek. Even I follow several reading sessions throughout the week, just to give myself an upthrust which I will be talking about in a minute.

Just the other day when I was reading a book, this thought suddenly came into my mind, why not share it with my users the advantages of reading books? That's what this article is all about. So, If your relationship with books has been like that of Tom and Jerry, then surely this will motivate you into reading books, a lot and lots of books.

Benefits of reading books

1) Strong Vocabulary  

As we have heard from our very childhood, the more we play around words the more it is going to make our vocabulary strong. The same actually goes for reading books too. Whenever we read a book, and we are in the best part of it, suddenly we stumble across an unknown word. Although it's kinda annoying, the end of the day, it helps us to put another word into our arsenal.

Strong Vocabulary

source:  www.scoopwhoop.com

2) Reading helps us reduce stress

You might not believe me? But think of it for an instance, when we read, we are still. We get comfortable. Most people sit while reading. Our bodies do not carry any special movements, they rest. The breathing slows down. We calm down. We imagine ourselves the worlds or situations described by words in the book. While reading we cannot think of other tasks or worries. Because of all these reasons reading does reduce stress.

Reading helps us reduce stress

3) Reading helps us stimulate our imagination

Whenever we are reading something, take a story, for instance, all the character sketches, plots, and scenarios are created into our mind, even when we have not seen any pictures regarding the story.

Reading helps us stimulate our imagination

4) Reading improves memory

This goes hand in hand along with our stimulated imagination. The more we work on our creativity and imagination, the more it helps us to improve our memory. Following illustration just shows the actual cycle of memorizing. Reading book is part of the Rehearsal process which helps to convert short term memory into long term memory.

Reading improves memory

source:  Wikipedia

5) Last but not least, Reading helps us gain more knowledge

At least that is what I believe, that knowledge is power. The more books you read, the knowledge you acquire over time. And having knowledge regarding anything is going to help you out in life.

Reading helps us gain more knowledge

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