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Can I get my money back from Aeromexico?

There are certain conditions which decide whether a person can receive a refund at the Aeromexico Airlines or not. To know the answer to the most common query, "Can I get my money back from Aeromexico?" You can consult the refund policies below:

  • The individuals who cancel the ticket before the takeoff time of the flight will be obligated to get a refund. 
  • If Aeromexico chooses to cancel a flight for any reason, a full ticket refund will be provided to all the reservation holders. 
  • The refund for the non-flexible tickets will be shared as credit points. 
  • A refund for the ticket bought from a third party can be availed by reaching out to the same instead of an Aeromexico official. 

The process to apply for a refund at Aeromexico

As you are now aware of the refund policies, you must wonder how do I get a refund from Aeromexico. The required methods to apply for the refund at the airline are as follows:

Online Refund Form 

The refund request at Aeromexico can be submitted following the given steps:

  • Begin with launching the Aeromexico site in your browser,
  • Select the option of "Refunds" that you will find at the web page's bottom,
  • On the forwarded page, you will need to put your ticket number,
  • Then press the Continue button,
  • The refund form for your ticket will be open on the screen,
  • Now fill out the same with all of the mandatory ticket and personal details,
  • Submit the form to Aeromexico by clicking the Send option.

Contact Customer Service

The refund can also be attained by informing an official at the customer service of Aeromexico. One must share all the required details with the official person by connecting on the call, such as the ticket number, full name, reason for getting the refund, and mode of payment. The official will submit the refund request immediately, and you will receive the relevant email.

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