Tathagata Das

religion and terrorism an interfaith perspective

"Religion and terrorism an interfaith perspective of the world"
Dedicated to the Sri-Lanka Easter day attack victims

So what is terrorism all about, well you could call it an act of intentional aggression to achieve certain goals or perspectives mainly of political or religious nature. The need to use violence to fulfill objectives during peacetime or to demonstrate power against non-combatants could be referred to as terrorism, which is global problem .in this discussion lets not restrict ourselves to just bombings , assassinations ,massacres and insurgency as terrorism but look at all those points which causes terror to us, like moral policing or even gender discrimination is an act of terrorism and why is it so ……identifying a person in disregard to his personal rights and wishes so as to demean him by the color of his skin or by his gender has serious psychological effects on population .

The modern world has as of yet witnessed a lot of gruesome terrorist activities throughout the globe and every day we hear new ones, the newspapers, and social media are filled with such reports, the situation is so bad that the world leaders are more concerned about insurgency and suicide bombing than inflation and dwindling commerce.

So according to leading sources, there is a total of 5 types of terrorism; state-sponsored, where terrorists act against state or government from sanction from another government organization, next is dissent terrorism which are terrorist groups that have rebelled against their government. Thirdly, terrorist and the Left and the Right, which are groups rooted in political ideology, next, is religious terrorism which are terrorist groups that are extremely religiously motivated, and lastly, criminal terrorism which is perpetrated by organizations as an aid in crime and criminal profit.

So learning the various aspects of the this dreadful practice , now we should also look at all the angles of this heinous act, so highlighting, who are the people who practice this ; statistics say that terrorism has recently grown into an industry worth billions of dollars and most of it goes unchecked due to funds being sourced from black-market targets and sources mainly off the books which makes tracking them an impossible task . The foot-soldiers who carry out these acts are mainly from the lower strata of the society who are overlooked in the big scheme of things and are promised money or are radicalized by teachings of religious propaganda.

The history books are witness to the very beginning of this misuse of power beginning with the French revolution, state-sponsored terrorism would be Nazi Germany's occupation of France or the Russian invasion of Afghanistan , religion-based conflicts one of the biggest examples are the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the very recent rise of the notorious ‘ISIS', newspapers bear testimony to all the terrorist type activities around the globe, the infamous 9/11 attacks carried out by the ‘al-Qaeda' group against the United States and the 26/11 attacks on India by the same terror group, the world is standing up against the tyranny of oppression with coalition military forces forcing the terror groups to cease activities at major strongholds. The latest of military and information technology is used to track and stop these tyrants in their tracks, we are fighting back, we always have won against tyrants and we will see through this tyranny as well.

"You did not bear the shame. You fought back. You gave the great, Forever tireless, sign of change, sacrificing your glowing life for freedom, justice, and honor."
    -The German Resistance Memorial

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