Mousumi Biswas

RESPECT WOMEN: Your existence is for them only

Dear Men of this world

     It really pains me how women are treated with so much disrespect and contempt .

     Gender biasness , domestic violence , female foeticide , rapes , molestation cyber crimes attacking the security of women and verbal abuse are on the rise.

    These gender based violence against women have grave damaging consequences on the self esteem of women . 

    The seeds of bullism , harrasment and violence in men against women are sown at home from childhood , due to  their unreined  aggressive and disrespectful behaviour . 

     Parents should inculcate the value of respect for women from a tender age. The men folk must be a role model for their children, especially sons on how to behave with women . Mere preaching is not enough . Respect women yourselves . 

A Women.....a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter, a friend❤❤ Just Awesome




She is the  innocent daughter 

Who will regale you with her cute questions


 She is the caring sister 

Who will lend you her shoulders to cry on


 She is the warm  grandmother

 Who will  pray for your well-being and bless you always

She is the divine mother

Who will nurture you like a nurse

 She is the dedicated wife

Who will share all your responsibilities and dreams


She is the tender sister in law

Who will care for you like a loving sister 

She is the naughty friend

She will be a loyal partner in crime with you

She is the tough teacher 

Who will guide you to rise the pillars of success 

      She is a woman 

      Gentle yet tough 

     Naughty yet charming

     Treat her with love

      Get love in return

         She is life 

         She begets life 

     Treat her with regards

       Get respect in return 

. Mousumi Biswas


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