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Salesforce Marketing Associate Certification Dumps

Salesforce Launches New Marketing Associate Certification, it is a foundational certification designed for individuals who are interested in a career in marketing within the Salesforce ecosystem. To assist in your preparation for this exam, Passcert stands ready with the most recent Salesforce Marketing Associate Certification Dumps. These dumps are an invaluable resource for anyone looking to pass the Salesforce Certified Marketing Associate exam in a quick and efficient manner. Our professional team at Passcert diligently checks these Salesforce Marketing Associate Certification Dumps to ensure they are in line with the latest exam syllabus. This ensures that you are studying the most relevant material and increases your chances of passing the exam on your first attempt.

About the Salesforce Marketing Associate Credential
The Salesforce Certified Marketing Associate credential is for individuals who are interested in an entry-level marketing role within the Salesforce ecosystem. This certification highlights the knowledge, skills, and abilities of an individual new to Marketing Cloud Engagement and general marketing concepts.

The Salesforce Certified Marketing Associate credential is an entry-level, multiple-choice exam intended for individuals with up to 6 months experience with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement. It's designed to prepare Salesforce Trailblazers for a career in marketing by validating their foundational marketing knowledge, including what Marketing Cloud Engagement is and how it solves business needs based on Salesforce best practices.

Salesforce Certified Marketing Associate Exam Details
Content: 40 multiple-choice questions and up to 5 non-scored questions
Time allotted to complete the exam: 70 minutes
Passing score: 65%
Registration fee: US $75 plus applicable taxes as required per local law
Retake fee: Free
Delivery options: Proctored exam delivered onsite at a testing center or in an online proctored environment; click here for information on scheduling an exam.
References: No hard-copy or online materials may be referenced during the exam.
Prerequisite: None

Exam Outline
The Salesforce Certified Marketing Associate Exam measures a candidate's knowledge and skills related to the following objectives.
Marketing Concepts: 28%

Marketing Cloud Engagement Basics: 22%

Email Sending and Journeys: 22%

Data Management: 18%

Reporting and Analytics: 10%

View Online Salesforce Certified Marketing Associate Free Questions
1. A marketing associate at Cloud Kicks sends a weekly email campaign about special events to its customers.
They want to ensure that customers can opt- out of emails If they no longer want to receive this Information.
How should the associate accomplish this?
A. Have customer log in to their account and update profile.
B. Provide a postal mailing address as a minimum.
C. Set up a footer in the email with an unsubscribe link.
Answer: C

2. Management at Cloud Kicks wants to engage customers who have redeemed promotion codes on its website.
The associate set up a data extension so that Subscriber Key is the primary key. However, the associate notices that customers who have redeemed more than one promotion code only have one record added into the data extension.
What should the associate change to allow more than one record per subscriber key?
A. Assign new subscriber keys to each promotion code redemption.
B. Assign the email address as the primary key.
C. Assign the promotion code field as a second primary key.
Answer: C

3. Management at Cloud Kicks is requesting to use their holiday-themed From Name when sending out sale messaging during the months of November and December. The name has already been added to the account.
Where should the associate configure this setting in the email send?
A. Define Properties
B. Configure Delivery
C. Review and Send
Answer: A

4. The digital marketing associate at Northern Trail Outfitters is looking for self-paced learning content about Journey Builder functionality.
Which resource should the assoclate use?
A. Trailhead
B. Salesforce Developer Center
C. Salesforce Help & Training
Answer: A

5. The marketing team at Cloud Kicks notices that a critical data extension is able to be modified and deleted by anyone.
What should an associate utilize to prevent users from accidentally editing or deleting these data extensions?
A.Use Manage Data Extension Policies to prevent users from modifying or deleting this data extension.
B.Use Roles & Permissions to set modify and delete permissions for key data extensions.
C.Use Contact Builder to move all key data extensions into the Salesforce Data Extensions folder.
Answer: B

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