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The Significance of Art and Music Education

Music is known to enhance the learning experience of students. Do you agree? The melodies work wonders in boosting brain power and contribute to better academic performance. Regardless of the benefits of music and art on education, very few schools focus on grooming children via co-curricular activities such as music and art. Instead, schools prioritise academic learning over anything. Breaking the conventional standards is Alpine Convent School. It is one of the top schools in Gurugram, educating scholars via a holistic education approach. Do you know what that implies? Well, the school introduces experiential learning by combining academics with extra-curricular activities like music, art, drama, sports, and more.

Let’s first explain how art and music impact young brains.

1. Art improves the academic performance of scholars

Did you know that students involved in arts are known to score well in academics? Surprised? Well, arts encourage students to excel inside and outside the classroom. Here’s how: Art increases focus and motivation in young scholars Students involved in art have a developed sense of creativity that’s likely to improve academic performance.

2. Music works wonders in improving memory

A lesser-known fact, but research proves that introducing children to music early in age boosts listening skills, motor skills, and memory in the little ones. Why just kids? Even adults can feel a remarkable improvement in memory via music. This is why the best schools in Gurgaon sector 67, like Alpine Convent School, include music, art, sports, drama, and extra-curricular activities to nurture young scholarly minds.

3. Music and art improve reading and language skills in children

A child’s brain develops a lot quicker if introduced to music and creative lessons from an early age. Moreover, encouraging children to get more involved in art and creativity sparks language and reading skills in students. There are ample other benefits of art and music in education. However, a lot matters about the type of school you choose. Enquire at Alpine Convent School if you are checking for the best school in Gurugram.

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