What is the pet acceptance policy for Singapore Airlines?

Your pets will be welcomed by Singapore Airlines and you will not have to leave your pets behind while traveling. But for your safety, it is crucial that you know about the airline's policy before you book the pet. Some breeds that may be dangerous and aggressive by nature are not allowed. You can read further along to get all the details.

Is my pet eligible to fly with Singapore Airlines?

● To determine whether your pet is eligible to fly, you must know about the Singapore Airlines Pet Policy policy below.

● Pregnant pets are not permitted to travel.

● On Boeing 737-operated flights, pets are not allowed as there is no temperature control. The aircraft type can be checked on the flight schedule page.

● Only cats and dogs are allowed.

Pets can travel as checked baggage or via cargo. You must know about the rules given below.

Traveling as checked baggage/cargo -

●    The pet must be at least 3 months old to travel with you. The pet will travel as checked baggage.

●    As checked baggage, as per the Singapore Airlines Pet Policy, the pet and the containers’ weight must not be more than 32 kg. If it is more than 32 kg, you must book the pet to travel via cargo. You may contact the local Singapore Airlines cargo office to travel via cargo.

●    You have to inform the airline about the travel 2 weeks before the departure and give information like the type/breed/species, gender, name, age, and weight.

●    You will be responsible for handling your poet during the security check and check-in.

Traveling In the cabin:

●    Only assistance and emotional support dogs are allowed in the cabin.

●    You have to inform the airline 48 hours before the flight.

●    You will not be given a seat in the emergency exit row.

●    The pet may sit on your lap if it is as small as a 2-year-old baby.

●    The pet must not occupy a seat.

●    It must be leashed at all times or must be kept in the container.


Required documents:

You must carry the essential documents like the export license, indemnity form, veterinary health certificate, transshipment license (if any), pet's passport and rabies vaccination letter.


Container requirements:

●     You must prepare your pet for the trip by familiarising it with the container. You must not give any sedatives before the flight.

●    A blanket and absorbent material must be in the container.

●    The container must be ventilated properly and spacious enough for the pet.

●    The pet must be able to stand and move around easily.

●    Only one pet must be placed in one container.

●    If the pets are from the same litter, they may be placed together if they weigh less than 14 kg each. More than 2 pets cannot be placed in the same container.

●    The container must prevent the escape of the pet.

How much does Singapore Airlines charge for pet transportation?

The Singapore Airlines charge for pet transportation depends on the baggage policy. You can get more details below.


The pet and the container are considered to be additional baggage and you will have to pay the additional baggage fees. The fees depend on the route and the destination of the flight.


For all flights to and from the USA-

The charges will be according to the piece concept.


For flights, other than to and from the USA-

The charges will be calculated as per the combined weight of the pet and the container.


If you have a stopover or you need to change your flight in Singapore, you may have to pay additional fees.


The information above will be useful if you want to know about Singapore Airlines pet policy. If you are looking for any other solution related to travel, you may use the official website or call the customer service number at +1 (833) 727-0118 / +1 (855) 921-4888 . The number remains operational 24/7 so that your trip is memorable.

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