SnowPro Advanced Administrator ADA-C01 Exam Questions

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SnowPro Advanced Administrator Certification

SnowPro Advanced: Administrator Certification allows candidates to showcase their expertise and continue to meet the market demand for Snowflake Administrator skills. This exam tests your ability to apply comprehensive data cloud administrative principles using Snowflake and its components and your knowledge of advanced concepts. This certification is designed for Snowflake practitioners who have at least two years of Snowflake Administrator experience. 

The SnowPro Advanced: Administrator Certification Exam will test your knowledge of advanced concepts and your ability to apply comprehensive data cloud administrative principles using Snowflake and its components. This certification will test your ability to:

● Manage and administer Snowflake accounts 

● Manage and administer Snowflake data security and governance

● Manage and maintain database objects

● Manage and maintain virtual warehouses

● Perform database monitoring and tuning

● Perform data sharing and use the Data Exchange and Snowflake Marketplace

● Administer disaster recovery, backup, and data replication

Exam Information

Exam Version: ADA-C01

Total Number of Questions: 65

Question Types: Multiple Select, Multiple Choice

Time Limit: 115 minutes

Language: English

Registration fee: $375 USD

Passing Score: 750 + Scaled Scoring from 0 - 1000

Prerequisites: SnowPro Core Certified

Delivery Options: 1. Online Proctoring 2. Onsite Testing Centers

Exam Domains

Domain 1.0: Snowflake Security, Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), and User Administration

Domain 2.0: Account Management and Data Governance

Domain 3.0: Performance Monitoring and Tuning

Domain 4.0: Data Sharing, Data Exchange, and Snowflake Marketplace

Domain 5.0: Disaster Recovery, Backup, and Data Replication

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1. What is a characteristic of Snowflake's transaction locking and concurrency modeling?

A.A deadlock cannot occur in Snowflake, since concurrently executed queries and DML statements do not block one another.

B.If two queries are concurrently executed against the same table, one of the two queries will be blocked until the other query completes.

C.Transaction locking in Snowflake is enforced exclusively at the row and table levels.

D.Queries executed within a given transaction see that transaction's uncommitted changes.

Answer: A

2. An Administrator has a user who needs to be able to suspend and resume a task based on the current virtual warehouse load, but this user should not be able to modify the task or start a new run.

What privileges should be granted to the user to meet these requirements? (Select TWO).

A.EXECUTE TASK on the task

B.OWNERSHIP on the task

C.OPERATE on the task

D.USAGE on the database and schema containing the task

E.OWNERSHIP on the database and schema containing the task

Answer: C, D

3. What are characteristics of data replication in Snowflake? (Select THREE).

A.The ALTER DATABASE ... ENABLE REPLICATION TO ACCOUNTS command must be issued from the primary account.

B.Users must be granted REPLICATIONADMIN privileges in order to enable replication.

C.To start replication run the ALTER DATABASE ... REFRESH command on the account where the secondary database resides.

D.Replication can only occur within the same cloud provider.

E.Databases created from shares can be replicated.

F.Users can have unlimited primary databases and they can be replicated to an unlimited number of accounts if all accounts are within the same organization.

Answer: A, E, F

4. An Administrator receives data from a Snowflake partner. The partner is sharing a dataset that contains multiple secure views. The Administrator would like to configure the data so that only certain roles can see certain secure views.

How can this be accomplished?

A.Apply RBAC directly onto the partner's shared secure views.

B.Individually grant imported privileges onto the schema in the share.

C.Clone the data and insert it into a company-owned share and apply the desired RBAC on the new tables.

D.Create views over the incoming shared database and apply the desired RBAC onto these views.

Answer: D

5. Which type of listing in the Snowflake Marketplace can be added and queried immediately?

A.Monetized listing

B.Standard listing

C.Regional listing

D.Personalized listing

Answer: B

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