Rajashree Banerjee

Is Social Media a trap?

We millenials can’t imagine a single day of our life without social media.Isn’t it?How many of you can deny this fact?Well,it’s a part of my life too. From day break to midnight we check our phone countless times only to check notifications,messages,memes,gossips trending on social media.We love these .Don’t we?Well,I will be lying if I say no.

          But the million dollar question is why do we stick to social media ? Why do we keep on scrolling facebook, instragram,twitter quite often?The reason is simple.Most of us want validation from others.We want social acceptance.No matter we are very introvert inside,in social media we pretend to be cool,classy,or in the millennial language we want to be termed as LIT.

           This ‘ seeking validation’ mentality has pinned us with addictive sting.We have almost become addicted to this virtual world.One single like matters a lot to us.The more likes the more we become famous in our virtual world.

      Some of us even suffer with inferiority complex when we see the instagram models with their lavish lives.We have become so engrossed to check other’s lives that often we don’t even pay attention to our own lives.

         Ever since social media has come into light people are gradually drifting away from real life and drowning deep into such a world which would offer nothing but some likes and temporary validation.In this regard I would like to quote-“Never before has a generation so diligently recorded themselves accomplishing nothing”(Anonymous)

      Specially we millennials prefer taking to a stranger in social media to our own family members.Actually social media is not bad if we use it for good purpose and with restraint.But people fail to do so.Now a days social media has become a platform for abuse,racism,sexism.

        We should use social media to impact not to impress.There’s nothing wrong if you share some valuable information with people.But the problem starts when you indulge in meaningless chatter and misguidance or egoistic debates.

     To conclude I want to draw your attention to a funny quote and leave it to you for further deduction-“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,plus a social media overreaction”


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