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Southwest Missed Flight Policy

Travel Plans Can Sometimes Go Awry, And Missing A Flight Can Be A Stressful Experience. If You're Wondering What Southwest Airlines Does If You Miss A Flight, You're In The Right Place. In This Comprehensive Guide, We'll Walk You Through The Steps, Policies, And Options Available To Passengers Who Find Themselves In This Predicament. Southwest Airlines Is Known For Its Customer-Friendly Approach, So Rest Assured, They Have Southwest Missed Flight Policy To Help You. Let's Delve Into What You Need To Know. What Does Southwest Do If You Miss A Flight Southwest Airlines Understands That Life Is Unpredictable, And Sometimes, Despite Your Best Efforts, You May Miss Your Flight. In Such Cases, Here's What You Can Expect From Southwest:

Rebooking Options

Southwest Airlines Offers Flexibility When It Comes To Rebooking Missed Flights. If You Arrive At The Airport Within Two Hours Of Your Original Departure Time, You Can Stand By For The Next Available Flight On The Same Day Without Incurring Any Additional Charges. This Policy Allows You To Get To Your Destination As Quickly As Possible.

Ticket Refunds

If You Miss Your Flight And Can't Make Use Of The Standby Option, Don't Worry. Southwest Airlines Has A Generous Refund Policy. You Can Request A Refund For The Unused Portion Of Your Ticket. Keep In Mind That Refund Eligibility Depends On The Type Of Ticket You Purchased, So It's Essential To Review Your Fare's Terms And Conditions.

Contact Customer Support

In Case You Miss Your Flight And Need Assistance, Southwest's Customer Support Team Is Just A Call Away. Reach Out To Them As Soon As Possible To Discuss Your Situation. They Can Guide You On Rebooking, Refund Options, And Any Other Queries You May Have.

Travel Insurance

If You're A Frequent Traveler Or Concerned About Potential Flight Disruptions, Consider Purchasing Travel Insurance. It Can Provide Added Peace Of Mind By Covering Unexpected Events Like Missed Flights Due To Reasons Beyond Your Control.


Missing A Flight Can Be A Nerve-Wracking Experience, But With Southwest Airlines, You Have Options. Whether It's Rebooking, Refunds, Or Assistance From Their Dedicated Customer Support Team, They Aim To Make The Process As Stress-Free As Possible. Remember To Check The Terms And Conditions Of Your Ticket And Consider Travel Insurance For Added Peace Of Mind. Southwest Airlines Is Committed To Ensuring You Reach Your Destination, Even If Your Plans Hit A Bump Along The Way.


Q: Can I Change My Flight If I Know I Will Miss It?

A: Yes, Southwest Airlines Allows You To Change Your Flight Up To Ten Minutes Before Your Scheduled Departure Time. Be Sure To Review Their Fare Rules For Any Associated Fees.

Q: What If I Miss My Connecting Flight Due To A Delay On My First Flight?

A: If You Miss A Connecting Flight Due To A Delay On Your First Southwest Flight, The Airline Will Rebook You On The Next Available Connection At No Additional Cost.

Q: Can I Get A Refund If I Miss My Flight Due To A Personal Emergency?

A: While Southwest Airlines Offers Flexibility, Personal Emergencies Are Evaluated On A Case-By-Case Basis. It's Advisable To Contact Customer Support For Assistance In Such Situations.

Q: Are There Any Fees For Standby On A Missed Flight?

A: Southwest Airlines Typically Doesn't Charge Fees For Standby On The Same-Day Flight If You Arrive Within Two Hours Of Your Original Departure Time.

Q: How Can I Purchase Travel Insurance For Added Protection?

A: You Can Purchase Travel Insurance Through Southwest Airlines When Booking Your Flight Or Through Third-Party Insurance Providers.

Q: Is There A Time Limit For Requesting A Refund For A Missed Flight?

A: While There's No Strict Time Limit, It's Best To Request A Refund For A Missed Flight As Soon As Possible To Ensure A Smoother Process.

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