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How Much Does Spirit Airlines Charge For Unaccompanied Minor?

When It Comes To Ensuring The Safety And Comfort Of Your Child During A Flight With Spirit Airline Unaccompanied Minor Numbers +1-8603747705, There Are Fees Associated With Unaccompanied Minors. The Exact Cost Varies Depending On Several Factors, Including The Destination And Whether Your Child Is A Member Of The $9 Fare Club. On Average, You Can Expect To Pay Between $100 To $150 Each Way For Unaccompanied Minor Services. It's Important To Check With The Airline For The Most Up-To-Date Pricing.

Age Restrictions

Spirit Airlines Welcomes Unaccompanied Minors Between The Ages Of 5 Minors 14. Children Aged 15 To 17 May Travel As Unaccompanied Minors If Requested By The Parent Or Guardian. Keep In Mind That Spirit Airlines' Unaccompanied Minor Fee Does Not Provide Unaccompanied Minor Services For Children Under 5 Years Old.

Booking Process

Making A Reservation

Booking A Flight For Your Unaccompanied Minor On Unaccompanied Minor Spirit Airlines Is A Straightforward Process. Follow These Steps To Ensure A Smooth Experience:

  1. Visit The Spirit Airlines Number +1-8603747705  Or Contact Their Customer Service.
  2. Inform The Airline Representative That You Want To Book A Flight For An Unaccompanied Minor.
  3. Provide All The Necessary Information, Including The Child's Age, Name, And Contact Details For Both The Departing And Arriving Parties.
  4. Pay The Applicable Fees And Complete The Reservation.

Required Documents

Ensure Your Child Has The Required Documents, Including Identification And Any Necessary Travel Authorizations, Before The Journey. It's Also Essential To Have A Notarized Letter Of Consent If Only One Parent Or Guardian Is Accompanying The Minor To The Airport.

Check-In And Arrival

Arrive At The Airport Early To Complete The Check-In Process For Your Unaccompanied Minor. Spirit Airlines Staff Will Provide A Special Badge And Escort Your Child Through Security And To The Gate. The Airline's Cabin Crew Will Take Care Of Your Child During The Flight And Ensure A Safe Arrival At The Destination.


Traveling With An Unaccompanied Minor On Spirit Airlines Can Be A Worry-Free Experience When You Have All The Information You Need. Unaccompanied Minors Spirit Airlines From Understanding The Costs To Following The Booking Process And Knowing What To Expect On The Day Of Travel, You Can Ensure Your Child's Journey Is Safe And Comfortable. If You Have Any More Questions Or Need Further Assistance, Don't Hesitate To Reach Out To Spirit Airlines' Customer Service.


Can I Book A Direct Flight For My Unaccompanied Minor?

Yes, Spirit Airlines Offers Direct Flights For Unaccompanied Minors To Various Destinations. However, It's Essential To Check The Airline's Route Options And Availability For Specific Routes.

Is There A Discount For Unaccompanied Minors Who Are Members Of The $9 Fare Club?

Unfortunately, There Is No Additional Discount For Unaccompanied Minors Who Are Members Of The $9 Fare Club. The Standard Fees Apply To All Eligible Children.

What Should My Child Bring On The Flight?

Ensure Your Child Has Essential Items Like Identification, A Fully Charged Electronic Device, Snacks, And Any Necessary Medications. You Can Also Pack A Small Carry-On Bag With Personal Items To Keep Them Comfortable During The Journey.

Are There Any Restrictions On The Unaccompanied Minor Service Due To Covid-19?

Spirit Airlines Has Implemented Various Safety Measures In Response To The Covid-19 Pandemic. While These Measures May Impact Certain Aspects Of The Unaccompanied Minor Service, The Airline Is Committed To Ensuring A Safe And Comfortable Experience For Your Child.

Can I Accompany My Child To The Gate?

Yes, Parents Or Guardians Can Accompany Their Child To The Gate And Wait Until The Flight Departs. However, It's Essential To Check With Spirit Airlines For Any Updated Policies Or Restrictions Related To Gate Access.

What If My Child Has A Layover During The Journey?

If Your Child Has A Layover, Spirit Airlines Will Ensure A Smooth Transition Between Flights. The Airline's Staff Will Assist Your Child In Navigating The Airport And Ensure They Board Their Connecting Flight Safely.

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