Find 2 vital benefits by procuring exclusive Switch blades

Functioning as a superb EDC (Everyday Carry) gadget, the razor-sharp and spring-loaded Swiss Army knives or Italian stiletto have their origin in 15th-century medieval Italy. Such needle-pointed switchblades come with an extremely comfortable grip while being quite lightweight and portable for discrete applications. Likewise, these highly astute blades also function as a self-defense weapon, specifically at all close-range combats or tackling unforeseen onslaughts. Moreover, these optimally serrated blades come with ultramodern secure locks and exclusive compactness. Such multifunctional Switch blades offered by the foremost digital store of MySwitchblade furnish unique slender handles and can be used by a single hand only. 


Here are some unique advantages of procuring Italian stilettos:


1. Functions as the Best Multipurpose Gizmo


Fabricated with optimally durable and robust AUS-8 stainless steel, the Swiss Army knives are available in discrete brands and designs. Among the top brands of Italian stilettos are Boker & Schrade, Protech, German, American, and Italian lever locks. These EDC devices come with lightweight and anodized aluminum alloy handles furnishing a highly secured anti-skid grip. The stilettos help to easily open the lids and corks of the containers, and caskets while reinforcing the bolts and fasteners of the windows and doors. Likewise, such highly serrated stilettos are used to effortlessly chop, slice, and dice fresh veggies and fruits with optimal accuracy.


Delivering the highest degree of precision, such astute blades can slash garden-fresh vegetables in no time, while never damaging the innermost cells, hence keeping the nourishment worth of the veggies. Moreover, such stilettos can prove to be quite handy during any hiking and camping activities outdoors, as the razor-sharp blades can instantly cut the ropes and wires within seconds. Additionally, these multifaceted EDC gadgets also serve as a highly functional self-protective weapon, safeguarding individuals from unexpected menaces and onslaughts. Owing to their compactness, such stilettos deliver an immense blow on the miscreants and also wild beasts with their tremendous power, causing intense abrasions. With such multipurpose attributes, these pocket-friendly switchblades prove to be most worthy for law enforcement crews, defense personnel, anglers, hikers, and commoners. 


2. Comes With Ultramodern Safety Lock and Heightened Sleekness


Coming with two varied types of folded and OTF (out of the front)/fixed designs, the dagger-like Swiss Army blades are available with spring-loaded automation. With its unique compactness, these stilettos come with a unique safety lock mechanism, hence it is perfect to keep in pockets, purses, and wallets. This exclusive security features assist to prevent instant opening, and never trigger any abrasions to the users. Moreover, with a spring-loaded system, these switchblades can be effortlessly and promptly opened and closed at the minimal touch of the individual’s thumb, without any force. In addition with highly resilient anti-slip handles, such stilettos offer a secure and relaxing grip, helpful for both indoor and outdoor usage. 


Come let’s check out some of the best Swiss Army knives available online:


·        Kershaw Launch 4 Auto


Coming with black anodized lightweight and sleek aluminum handles, the extremely astute Kershaw Launch 4 Auto knives come from the reputed Kershaw Launch Series. This stiletto is one of the best EDC gizmos and is fully legal in California. Moreover, such Swiss Army knives can also be powered via the automatic action of the red bulls-eye firing button. 


·        Boker Kalashnikov Automatic


Available with state-of-the-art designs of Wharncliffe, drop point, and Tanto, the fully automatic Boker Kalashnikov switchblades come with the unique layout of a Kalashnikov rifle. Likewise, this stiletto has needle-pointed blades and exclusive firing buttons, along with an aluminum handle and user-friendly pocket clip. Moreover, the handle of this knife comes in black, tan, and grey colors, along with a flush in both plain and astute models. Again, the handle is exclusively designed to suit the contours of the hand hence delivering a safer grip. 



·        Guardian Tactical - GTX-025


The switchblade of the Guardian Tactical - GTX-025 comes with a compact, robust, and extremely astute Elmax drop point blade of 2.5” and stainless steel pocket clip for ease of usage. Furnishing stress-free functions, this portable stiletto is also available with exclusive weight-minimizing holes for mitigating the recoil, typically during adversities. Again, this EDC helps to effortlessly reduce friction during exigency usages, thanks to the smoother ceramic bearings. 


In A Nutshell 


MySwitchblade justifies as the best online store to buy multifunctional and highly adaptable Switch blades available in discrete shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. Nevertheless, before ordering your choicest one, you need to verify certain vital facets of such stilettos. Hence, the buyers need to validate, whether these Swiss Army knives offer a precise weight distribution ratio between the serrated blade and the handle. Moreover, one should also check, if the blades are coming with a safety latch mechanism with in-built inner locks that assist in prompt deployment during adversities while sustaining safety inside the user’s pocket or wallet.  

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