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Symptoms of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) for Woman to Know

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS is said to be a common hormonal syndrome faced by women who are in their reproductive age. It occurs due to different symptoms but the most common o` nes include – irregular periods, presence of excess male hormone that causes acne, difficulty to reduce weight, hair loss and sudden increase in the facial hair. So, PCOS is among the common reasons due to which women suffer from infertility. As there can be several poly cysts in the ovaries, it is called polycystic ovarian syndrome. PCOS is actually a severe condition that remains throughout the reproductive years. You should consult with a gynaecology specialist for PCOS in London to deal with the symptoms.

What can be the reason for PCOS?

Though the exact cause of PCOS is unknown, many consider PCOS to be genetic disorder, co existing imbalance of thyroid, sudden weight gain, severe stress and doing too much exercise.

Women who develop PCOS will have ovaries with several cysts that can secrete too much male hormone. This is the reason for your irregular periods, difficulty at the time of conception, weight gain, acne and imbalance in the hormones.

Read on to know about common symptoms of PCOS that every woman should know:

  1. Though menstrual cycle is quite normal during the onset, it might become irregular.
  2. As PCOS can affect the ovulation directly, women who face PCOS might experience difficulty in conceiving or infertility. There can be recurrent abortions due to PCOS, at times.
  3. Hirsutism is quite common that occurs when the growth of hair follows male pattern due to excess secretion of the male hormone. The dark pigmented and thick hair growth is found in your chin, upper lips, lower abdomen, around the nipples and thinning of hair on your scalp.
  4. Excessive male hormone can be the reason for acne along your jaw lines.
  5. Male pattern balding can be found in women who have PCOS.
  6. Other symptoms in PCOS include – weight gain, obesity, insulin resistance and high pressure that cause metabolic syndrome.
  7. The increase in the level of insulin and insulin resistance are common symptoms in most women who have PCOS.
  8. An unusual blood lipid is quite common for PCOS women.
  9. Women who experience PCOS are more predisposed for suffering from type 2 diabetes.
  10. Women who suffer from PCOS are at greater risk of suffering from coronary heart disease due to increased level of C-reactive protein, LDL and cholesterol level.
  11. Hair loss is another symptom that has been found in women who suffer from PCOS.

How to treat and avoid PCOS


If you want to conceive but had not been successful earlier, then PCOS might be a probable reason. It is suggested that you consult with a gynaecologist to know the exact cause of developing PCOS. In case you have been recently diagnosed with PCOS, then you should not feel low. Rather, ovulation might occur due to change in lifestyle, weight loss, minor surgeries and oral medications. As the cause of PCOS is unknown, there isn’t any way to avoid PCOS.


So, are you experiencing any of these symptoms? If yes, then it is advised to visit a private gynecologist in London for your complete check-up and know if you suffer from an underlying condition of PCOS.



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