Rajashree Banerjee


We all know that education is the backbone of a Nation's future.So we can say that the development of our country lies in our classrooms.In this respect we can quote Kofi Annan-

"Knowledge is power.Information is liberating.Education is the premise of progress,in every society,in every family."


   Now let us come to technology.According to me A country's prosperity is most conspicuous in its technological stride.Technology has become pervasive now a days.It has touched almost every field.Field of education is no exception.In the ancient and medieval ages education was confined in classrooms,printed books were the only reliable source and teachers were the only persons to bank upon.But if you see today's scenario,things are different.Today students prefer google to books.In this era of cut throat competition you can not only rely on a book,that was published long years back.Instead you have to keep yourself updated.So here comes the need of technology and internet.Technology is the enabler.Probably this is the cause that more and more ED-tech companies are thriving.


     Now-a-days various educational apps are available in play store.Just one single click and you will be served with innumerable data and information .You don't even have to enroll yourself in a coaching or private tuition. Say for example the app Byzu's. In offline classroom it is never possible for a mediocre student to get special attention.Besides, School,colleges and coaching follow a time foundation. Once you miss a topic,its difficult for you to revive it.But in digital education its you who decide how many times you want to play the same lesson. Byzu Rabindran,A man from Kerala first realized it and used this need to found a startup BYzu's which has done exceptionally well in the field of education.It has even caught the attention of foreign investors and running successfully in offshore too.


    In conclusion,I want to emphasize that any thing that is good has to be exercised with restraint.Technology is good.But too much use of it and the misuse of it is a potential threat now.So parents should keep in mind they must guide their kids how to and how much to use technology for fruitful purpose.And the situation should never come that printed books become abolished past.

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