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15 Tourist Places That are safe to visit after COVID-19 Lockdown

Covid-19 has disturbed the whole world and its economy. It has ruined business, education, political activities, religious festivals, and the most affected sector is tourism. All the National and International flights were banned across the world. Now, pandemic Covid-19 has been controlled in many countries. Few countries are still fighting the battle against it and still locked down. Some countries are cleared from it and can be visited this summer. They may enforce some special conditions or measures to avoid the subsequent spread of COVID-19. The tourists and other people interested in visits will have to follow those rules and regulations. People searching the tourist places and countries opened or not will be assisted in this article.

The list is not including the countries that still require 14 days quarantine. Every country has its own rules to enter but some countries have no strict rules to follow regarding entrance. Few important rules for specific countries are given here. Some of the best available visiting places are included in the list hoping that you will the country of your choice. The list will surely help people who are desperate to travel. Here is the list:

1. Caribbean:

The Caribbean has the most famous and beautiful islands in the world. The stunning beaches, rocks, and green palm trees give a different type of joy to eyes and heart. If you are searching for tourist places near me, this is one of those tourist places. It includes islands such as Antigua, Aruba, Barbados, Bermuda, etc. are opened with some rules. These islands require you to fill the traveling form and submit a test report of Covid-19 which must be negative. After fulfilling the requirements, you are free to visit these islands.


2.Bali Island:

Indonesian Island, Bali has announced that it will open the doors for foreigners from September 11. The people who love the beautiful beaches and seaside can move to Bali for the best vacations of their life. Bali is one of the most famous tourist places open now.


At the start of July, Thailand announced that it will allow foreign visitors to visit the selected places that are less affected by Covid-19. It is another must-visit country in Asia. It has awesome nature that gives pleasure to the soul. It is a tourist-friendly country opened during Covid-19. You must visit this place once in life. This is the best option for people who love hustle and bustle of night.



The Maldives is one of the tourist places that opened after lockdown. The real beauty and charm of beaches and islands are present here in the Maldives. It is the country of islands of crystal clear seawater and white sand beaches. The Maldives was opened for visitors on July 15. But you can enter the Maldives with appropriate precautions to stop the spread of coronavirus.

5. Turkey:

Turkey is a favorite country for many tourists. It has almost all types of natural beauty. They have allowed foreign visitors in July. But measures to protect the spread of corona or rules related to arrival are not mentioned anywhere. Turkey is the best tourist place open now. The hills and seaside of Turkey have the next level of beauty.


6. Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka cannot be neglected when talking about the tourist places opened after lockdown. News broke on August 1 that foreign tourists will be allowed from the middle of the current month. If a visitor shows proof of stay of more than 5 nights, a corona-negative test report takes within 72 hours and medical insurance, he will not be quarantined. In this way, you can save the precious two weeks and can make more fun.

7. Dubai:

The Jumeira beach of Dubai has an appealing look and stunning beauty. Dubai is now included in the list of tourist places opened during Covid-19. It has opened its territory for International visitors on July 7. But all the visitors have to submit a corona-negative report and the test must be conducted 4 days ago. They can submit this report either on arrival or before departure. The rules are strict and must be followed to avoid deport. The opening of Dubai is a piece of good news for tourists, honeymoon couples, holidaymakers, and businessmen at the same time. Rests of the Emirates are also expected to be opened shortly.



Tunisia is a popular tourist destination in Africa. It is also opened all of its borders for people from Algeria and some European countries on June 27. It is good news for tourists from Europe and Algeria. The opening of International borders will also increase the business for Tunisia. Tunisia has become a famous tourist place open today.

9. Tanzania:

Tanzania has opened itself for tourists in May without putting any conditions. They have not stopped people from any nation or country to enter its territory. It is one of those tourist places opened during the lockdown. They did it by saying that God has eliminated Covid-19 from their country.

The people aspiring to visit Tanzania can visit at any time without any hurdle regarding Covid-19. It has such beauty that can make your holidays memorable. You should visit this place once in your life.


10.Costa Rica:

Costa Rica is reopened after lockdown to USA, Canada, Europe, and Schengen Zone on the 1st of August. But all the comers have to submit a negative test report of Covid-19. They are not compromising on security even after reopening. Once the report is submitted to authorities, you are free to go anywhere within the borders.

This place is most amazing for visiting and holidays. But it is opened only to a few countries. The tourists of other countries are waiting for its full opening. Some predictions are available about its opening for all countries but a date has not been announced yet.

11. Europe as A Whole:

Europe opened internal borders in May. Europe Commission also published a list which anticipated the opening of Algeria, Australia, Canada, Morocco, New Zealand, Thailand, Tunisia, etc. A list will also include China only if it allows entrance to Europeans. But later on, it was seen that Serbia and Montego were excluded from the list. Europe is the place, full of tourist places. The visitors of some areas are required to send their health certificates before the arrival. The people coming from some countries are only required to submit a corona negative report to enter the European Union.

Europe as A Whole

12. United Kingdom:

The travelers from the United States prefer the UK as their destination for tourism. It is because of the similarities between language and climate. The beauty of the United Kingdom is also a reason for this preference. The opening of this destination is good news for visitors but they are also having a high risk of getting affected by Covid-19 here. The United Kingdom is the third most affected country by Covid-19. The travelers coming from the US will be quarantined for 14 days due to health risks. It arises a question in the minds of visitors either this tourist place opened or not?

13. France:

The stunning and famous for adventures, the country of France, is opened for Europe’s Schengen zone and other 14 countries today. The prestigious hotels, bars, museums, restaurants, etc., are fully opened to welcome and serve the visitors coming from listed countries. France is the most liked tourist place open during the lockdown. The greener, skyscrapers, Eiffel tower, etc., are the most fabulous factors that are making it attractive for visitors this summer.


14. Italy:

Italy is also a preferable European country for visiting. It has faced the most fatal pandemic conditions during the Covid-19 peak. But it is opened internally as of June 3. Moreover, it was opened for some European countries on July 1st. But the visitors from the US are not allowed to visit till now.

Though Italy is opened, yet it is not underestimating the Covid-19 threat. They have formalized special rules and regulations to stop the propagation of Covid-19. The temperature test is normally taken and if doctors feel necessary, the Corona test is also conducted on arrival. The paperwork before taking the flight is also compulsory in which passengers assure they are not taking anything with them that can carry coronavirus.

15. Germany:

Germany is slowly getting open for different countries. First of all, it reopened the gates for Europe on June 15. Then 8 more countries other than Europe were included in the list on July 2. Canada and Australia were also included in the list. Americans are also expected to get permission soon to visit Germany.


Bottom line:

All the countries mentioned above are open but Covid-19 still exists and can propagate in case of any carelessness. It’s highly recommended for the tourists to follow the guidelines of the respected governments, and avoid those places where the risk related to the spread of Covid-19 is higher. The precautions to stop the spread of Covid-19 must be followed regardless of the place you choose to visit this summer. 

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