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How to get an upgrade on Turkish Airlines?

Everyone deserves to be served with luxury when they’re traveling in the air and that’s what Turkish Airlines has been known for. They provide an upgrade system so that you can upgrade from economy to business class anytime you want. If you are wondering “How Do I Upgrade on Turkish Airlines”, then you will get elaborated information about seat upgrades. In case you require more information, you can call at +1-844-414-9223.

How to get free upgrades on Turkish Airlines?

In order to seat upgrade in Turkish Airlines, there are two major factors that will ensure the Turkish Airlines upgrade to business class, and that are Eligibility and Availability. Below are some points you need to remember while upgrading your seat in Turkish Airlines.

Examine the Available Upgrade Space

When you need Turkish Airlines seat upgrade, it becomes one of the challenging factors for the same. When you start searching for flights on the official website of Turkish Airlines, you may find flights with SWU availability as an Elite or Elite Plus member.

Choose early check-in

If you are an elite or frequent flyer member, you can get a free upgrade by arriving early. This way you can get Turkish Airlines last-minute upgrades. A frequent flyer who checks in early has the highest chance of getting free upgrades.

Turkish Airlines Auto Upgrade

If you come under elite status of any level, you can sign up for an auto-upgrade feature with Turkish Airlines. This will enable you to get a free upgrade on domestic flights of up to 500 miles. In case you have Elite and Elite Plus status, you even get a free upgrade on flights longer than 500 miles.

How to upgrade the Turkish economy to business?

Turkish Airlines Upgrade Online

If you have booked your ticket directly from Turkish Airlines, you can make Turkish airlines upgrade to business class online. Below is the easy process following which you can attain the same.

·        First of all, visit the official website of the Turkish Airlines.

·        Now, go to the homepage of the website.

·        Go to Plan & Book and select the Business upgrade link.

·        On the cabin upgrade page that shows up: Enter the reservation code or booking reference number and the passenger’s Last Name. Click on the search button.

·        Now, follow the instructions given by prompts to Business Class.

·        Confirm the upgrade.

·        Now, you will see a payment gateway where you need to pay.

·        Once the payment is done, you will get the upgrade notification on your registered mobile number or email address.


Through phone

You can upgrade your seat by calling the Turkish Airlines customer phone number +1-844-414-9223. You can get their official customer care service number by visiting their official website. 

What is the Turkish Business Upgrade Cost?

The Turkish upgrade cost will upgrade depending on the route of your flights and when you upgrade your ticket:

In case you are upgrading using cash

The cost of a business upgrade by cash will range from USD 1,000-2,000 for a one-way transatlantic flight. However, the cost will also depend on the route and destination that is decided for your trip. Also, the upgrade requirement may affect the demand for the upgrade at the particular time you want to upgrade. 

In the Miles Upgrade

The cost for Business upgrade Miles from Economy Class (B, Y) to Business Class are listed below.

·        There‘s no fee charge for European flights combined with upgraded intercontinental flights.

·        There will be 10,000 miles for international European flights.

·        There will be 30,000 Miles for flights between Europe and North/Central Africa and the Caucasus and the Middle East.

·        There will be 35,000 Miles for flights between Europe and North America, India and South Africa.

·        There will be 40,000 Miles for flights between Europe and Central/South America and the Caribbean.

·        There will be 50,000 Mile for flights between Europe and Southeast/Central Asia and Far East.

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