Jade Wyatt

Turn Your Dissertation Into A Book Manuscript

The writing of a dissertation takes you from being a student to being a scholar. Your first book will help define your professional identity. In fact, your dissertation can be turned into a book manuscript if you can successfully create engaging chapters.


Make your chapters of manageable length. A 60-page chapter is too long. If you make one chapter of your dissertation into three chapters, be sure to shape each chapter. Make sure the transition from chapter to chapter is smoothly done. Write additional material. Add additional statistics. Make each chapter stand on its on. At the same time, make each paragraph of manageable length. You should not have one or two page long paragraphs.


A throughline is the logical organization of your ideas into a central idea. Make sure your book manuscript has a central idea. Therefore it will be easy to organize your chapters. One chapter will build upon the next chapter. With a throughline your words will flow easier because you know what needs to be expressed to support your idea.


You are the voice of authority. Remember that when you write your book chapters. Take command of your work and present your ideas in clear, concise sentences. Let us know that you did the research and that these are the results of that research.


Fill your chapters with good material. First, know a lot about the material you will put into your chapters. Then take the plunge. Start writing. You will discover that putting your ideas on paper will flow smoothly because you took time to do your background work.


Be sure that all that has gone before in your previous chapters lead directly to your conclusion. Your conclusion should reflect your introduction without repeating the same words. Be creative. Use your extensive vocabulary to draw attention to your work.

If you are now writing for a more commercial audience, you will not have to revise your entire dissertation before submitting it to publishers. You can write a book proposal and submit it along with sample chapters from your manuscript.

In converting your dissertation writing help UKto a book manuscript, it is important to know whether you are striving to reach a scholarly audience or a more commercial one. Let your writing reflect your decision.

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