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Different Types of Windows and Doors for Construction

When it comes to selecting the right doors and windows for your house, you probably end up being confused by the different types of products available for the same thing. Each piece has its

list of pros and cons, and hence, it is up to you to decide which one is perfectly suitable for a house. Aluminium doors may be a good choice for a house, but the same may not suit all the other houses as well. There are several points such as maintenance, visual appeal, space required, etc. that are to be kept in mind while picking the best doors and windows for your home.

Types of Doors

The primary step towards buying the right type of doors for your place is to know about the perfect type of doors and windows that the market has to offer. Here are some short briefs about the most common types of doors and windows you will come across.

UPVC Doors

The number of people preferring Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) has skyrocketed in recent years because of its unpreceded strings of advantages over the other types of doors and These are one of the most durable types of doors and windows out there and require very low maintenance. UPVC Doors will ensure your safety and security as well as it’s pretty hard to break them open. They are also popularly known for their sound and heat insulation capabilities.

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Aluminium Doors

The aluminium doors and windows are often commonly seen. They can be designed as per your wish and come in a variety of surface finishes to meet your demands. They are pretty sleek and will occupy very little space in your house. The maintenance prices are also low for these types of doors.

Wooden Doors

These are the traditional types of doors and windows found in most houses. frames of these doors are not bothered by temperature. There are several wood works and designs too. If set right, it will give a luxurious and royal look to the house. There will be no problem with rusting of the frames. If you need a long-lasting solution for wooden doors, you might opt for timber which requires the least maintenance and is guaranteed to serve for long.

Steel Doors

This kind of door can undergo heavy exterior They require less maintenance as compared to wooden doors and windows. Steel doors can be easily repaired. They are best suited for exterior-facing locations.

WPC Doors

Wood and Plastic Composite Doors have an attractive appearance and can last pretty long. The best part about WPC doors is that they will not get cracked. WPC doors have fire resistance property and also play an important role in the safety of your house. You can also get them custom-designed and painted as per your Likeliness to meet the colour and theme of your house.

Membrane Doors

We'll get membrane doors in a wide variety of textures and colours. They can undergo shrinking, cracking swelling, heat, etc. thereby offering security and less maintenance. They are very economical and need not be painted or polished often.


Types of Windows

Out of the number of materials that have come up in the market in recent times, below is the list of the top materials in terms of durability, look, and maintenance that you should keep your focus on for your next renovation.

Bay Windows

These windows are designed outward the main building wall and form a cosy bay which can be polygonal, half-square, semi-circular, semi-hexagonal, and sometimes even triangular.

Curved Window

The handmade traditional curved windows with double-glazing are similar to Bay Windows but without angular edges. They keep out adverse weather and ensure security. They are

Found in restaurants, top floor of high-rise buildings, and also in houses with patio door customization. The Victorian Turret Windows are the most attractive types of curved windows letting light and ventilation enter.

Sliding Window

The horizontal sliding windows can be slid back and forth without any friction and can be managed easily with just hands. There are wood and vinyl windows that are easily affordable, wood and fibreglass windows that are environment-friendly, and aluminium-clad windows with double or triple sliders –all of these offer light penetration and ventilation to enter.

Vertical Sliding Window

With double-glazed, energy-saving, and inward-tilting panes, these windows come with the traditional touch but are specially designed with flush gaskets, safety catches, and a secure locking system. Ovolo details on cills, sash, beads, and frames give them a period look and the insulation properties along with draught-prevention features make them reliable.

Picture Window

These windows are huge to dominate the wall or room where they are attached and as suggested in their name, they are often used for providing an overlook to an attractive scenery or landscape. They have a single glass pane and are stationary so cannot be opened. They are energy-saving and mostly used with other combinations for maximizing the view.

Tilted Turn Window

These windows are large and can be swung in like a door and also tilted with a sash to the interior for the entry of additional ventilation. They also act as an emergency exit. The wooden frame, exterior casing, glazed insulated glass, and divided lights make them efficient.

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