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Things to consider before buying a Voltage stabilizer for your home

Voltage fluctuations may arise unexpectedly especially during peak demand periods . They can damage most of the electric appliances at home. For example, appliances like an air conditioner, fridge, TV, etc. are in jeopardy of damage due to voltage fluctuations.

The permanent damage to the appliance may also occur in many cases. Fortunately, there is a solution to this issue. You can set up a Voltage stabilizer for home to ensure that the connected appliances receive stable voltage as input. A voltage stabilizer avoids unnecessary voltage fluctuations from entering into the electrical appliances. Now let’s get acquainted with the aspects to consider for buying a Voltage stabilizer for home:

1. Working range of the stabilizer:

Every voltage stabilizer is equipped with a minimum and a maximum input voltage at which it can perfectly stabilize the output voltage. This can be better understood with an example.  Let’s assume that a voltage stabilizer’s input voltage range is 150 V to 250 V. If the voltage in your home drops below 150V or exceeds 250 V then the stabilizer would cut off the electric power supply fed to the appliance. But if the voltage is in the working range of the stabilizer then it will stabilize it.

2. Mounting mechanism:

When buying an ac stabilizer, always bear in mind how you will mount it. Because a voltage stabilizer works with electric power, risks like getting damaged or getting wet always persist when placed on the ground. Also, such risks prevail when you put it in an unsafe place. Therefore, it is better to go for a voltage stabilizer that can be wall-mounted or positioned at a higher level. Such voltage stabilizers can stay free from damage and also ensure safety to your family against exposure to electric shock.

3. Precision:

To feed appropriate input voltage to your appliance and to maintain the input supply steadily, precision is crucial. Compared to analog voltage stabilizers, the digital ones are more precise. Many latest models are digitized. They are not just digitized but can also adapt themselves to a wide range of devices. Therefore, all you need to do is transfer the stabilizer from one device to another to let it work. Moreover, the majority of the digital voltage stabilizers will connect and acclimatize to generators if installed.

4. Power consumption:

One of the most concerning aspects when it comes to buying a Voltage stabilizer for home is power consumption. Before buying, you need to check how much power it will consume. The power consumption of voltage stabilizers relies on their efficiency. 

Usually, decent quality voltage stabilizers come with 95-98% efficiency.

This implies that they consume approx. 2-5% power of the maximum load. For example, if you choose a 1 kVA voltage stabilizer then it would consume approx. 50W on peak load. So, if a 1kVA stabilizer is operated for 10 hours then it would consume approx. 0.5 units of electricity. If you operate it continuously for 24 hours then it can lead to huge power consumption. Therefore, it is advisable to use a voltage stabilizer for individual appliances instead of using it as a mainline stabilizer. This is because a mainline stabilizer is designed uniquely so that it can stay on throughout the year increasing the running costs.

To avoid confusion, you can check the instructions or the label of a voltage stabilizer before purchasing. In a few devices, the power consumption with frequency and supply voltage are shown on the back.

5. Additional considerations:

Some additional considerations will let you use the ac stabilizer more effectively. You can choose the one with LED indicators. The reason is LED indicators precisely showcase the voltage which has been adjusted to supply power to your appliance. Another aspect you can consider is the ‘Time Delay Systems’ feature. This feature facilitates a time lapse to make sure the built-in compressor in an air conditioner or refrigerator gets enough time to balance the current flow whenever a momentary power cut takes place.

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