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What Are Some of The Phuket’s Best Spas?

Holidays and Phuket go hand-in-hand. Apart from the exotic food and mind-boggling beaches, the next stop that Phuket perfectly nails in is the spas. While in Phuket, you will come across one or the other spa that provides space for this exotic affair. If street spas are not your option, head on to the beach or a resort to get some of the finest treatment you will ever come across. 

phuket honeymoon

Here is a mini-list of the top spas in Phuket and what you can expect from them. 

#1: Banyan Tree Spa Phuket

The Banyan Tree Spa is one of the most established spas that dates back decades ago. The spa is the recipient of many prestigious awards and is known for the perfect ambiance and sophisticated treatment. On the other hand, the place is well suited to get rid of your year-long accumulated stress. Experts suggest booking a slot in the first days of travel and enjoy the rest of the trip with a freshened outlook on your Phuket honeymoon

 Phuket honeymoon

#2: Infinite Luxury Spa

Located on Kata Rocks, the Infinite Luxury Spa is one of the most popular spas you will come across on your Phuket honeymoon. The site is known for its sleek, minimalist design that extends across the spa’s design. The spa is known for both its contemporary Thai massage along with modern techniques like energy pod along with several others. 

#3: Coqoon Spa at The Slate

The Coqoon Spa at The Slate is based in Nai Yang Beach is an award-winning spa known for its service worldwide. As the name suggests, the Caqoon Spa is shaped like a cocoon of the butterfly that provides an intense session. Presumably, after the session, one emerges as a butterfly with wings spread out and hence is a popular option to go for. 

Concluding Remarks

The Phuket honeymoon could be relaxing at the very least because of the top destinations on the list. 

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