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What to consider when choosing an IAS coaching institute?

As you know, the IAS exam can secure one a job at the administrative level of the country. To ace the exam, many prefer taking the help of some coaching centre. You will come across some UPSC coaching in Delhi Mukherjee Nagar.

However, many UPSC coaching in Delhi and picking the most reliable one from the lot is a challenging task. After all, the institute you chose stands as a deciding factor in whether you will be successful in the UPSC exam or not. To help you select and register in the right IAS institute, here are some considerations that you can follow:

Tips to consider when choosing an IAS coaching institute

  1. Previous years' results

To understand whether the institute you chose is a reliable one or not, take a look at the results of the past years. The more significant number of students who succeed in the institute, the more the organization's credibility will be. Today, checking out the previous performance of the institute has become the norm. An authentic institute will provide the results on its website for all the people to see and acknowledge its standards. If you find any institute not doing this, it means you should avoid this institute.

  1. Reviews of the students

Student reviews and client testimonials are like report cards to an organization. The more positive reviews you get from the students, the better is the institute for you. In addition, students attached to the institute can give you a clear idea about the kind of lessons taught, the pedagogy of teaching, the way classes are taken and many more. So remember, choosing the right institute is a must to either make or break your career.

  1. Study materials provided by the institute

Once you join an IAS coaching institute, you will be given some study materials related to the syllabus. What makes a topper different from other candidates is the study materials from which one prepares. Unfortunately, many IAS coaching centres do not provide suitable study materials. Sometimes, the study materials provided by the institute deviates from the topic. Studying from sources that are not relevant to the topic is simply wasting time.

  1. Quality of faculty teaching in the coaching centre

The faculty of the institute will decide how you perform in the IAS exam. Several institutes have mentors who can guide you to complete the syllabus and help you with exciting strategies that you can follow to memorize things. Choose an institute where the faculty members are easily accessible to the students. Various coaching centres organize mock tests. Here, the responsibility of the mentors should be to organize an interactive session after every mock test to discuss the answers and guide students into a correct path.

  1. Scope of growth

Your primary purpose behind joining an IAS coaching centre should be to see whether you gather some extra knowledge, skills and strategies that you lacked while studying on your own. The institute that you choose should be able to nurture your skills and better them. In addition, the mentors of the institute should inspire you to stay focused and have patience even if you fail a few times.

  1. Expenses

Another essential factor that cannot be missed is the cost that must be borne once you enrol yourself in an institute. Therefore, make sure you do not register in any institute that is beyond your affordability. Also, an institute that charges too little can not provide the quality of material that an IAS aspirant is supposed to get.


Therefore, while choosing an online IAS coaching centre, you have to be very careful as this stands as a determining factor in building your career.

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