How To Prepare Your Next Events with WhatsApp Business Automation?

You can find Whatsapp Automation the most immersive and beneficial aspect of your in-person event as well as the online event. Hence, you must prepare a better experience for your audience using Whatsapp business automation. Hence, here is a list of ways that can ease your complete automation from start to end.

  1. Take Seamless Paid and Unpaid Event Registrations!

You can take your registrations online with Whatsapp for events. Furthermore, you can create a seamless experience for your customer avoiding the hassle of standing in a queue and buying tickets. Instead, you can send them the invitation messages on WhatsApp so they can click on the link and register as soon as possible.

You can handle all the paid, unpaid, and even invitation-based registration via WhatsApp. However, you can make your event more impressive and attractive by producing a more seamless experience for your event attendees. Hence, you can empower both online & on-spot registration easily with WhatsApp business automation for your event.

  1. Confirm Seats and Manage RSVP!

It can be difficult to fill all the seats in your in-person event. However, you can make a more effective experience via WhatsApp for events. Furthermore, you can take RSVPs from all the on-ground and online audiences. It can be helpful to confirm seats for your attendees coming to your event. Hence, you can save a seat for everyone interested in your event. Send a link to your audience via WhatsApp to click and confirm their presence at the event without hassle. So, get easy RSVP management without hassle with WhatsApp.

  1. Offer Online Event Ticketing to Online and Offline Audiences!

You can create an M-badge ticket for your audience online to share with them. Furthermore, the Whatsapp Business APIs for events can help you deliver QR-based tickets to your audience that they can use to scan and check-in. Go paperless with an option to create a non-transferable personalized ticket with initials and photos.

  1. Make the Most of the Push Notification!

You can create push notifications to share all the updates, changes, announcements, and more. Furthermore, you can create an automated designed communication over different touchpoints of the attendee journey for easy communication and interaction during the event. Also, you can save time and effort by adding Custom-replies for frequently asked questions. Hence, you can share all the messages with your audience in real-time. Additionally, you can manage high volumes of customer conversations efficiently.

  1. Build Recall And Boost Sales with Relevant Communication!

You can set up one-time or recurring campaigns for your in-person events audiences based on customer attributes and events. Furthermore, you can boost your campaign performance with rich media like images, videos, PDFs, etc. Also, you can integrate interactive message templates, like CTAs and Quick Reply buttons for a more effective impression on your audience.

Additionally, you can send Non-transactional messages like discounts & offers, back-in-stock alerts, and more that your audience can use anytime and anywhere as per the applicable policy. Hence, you can Monitor campaign performance stats like no. of messages Sent, Delivered, Read & Replied to. This way, you can reach out to your customers with relevant communication to build recall and boost sales.

  1. Get the Most Powerful Live Engagement Tool!

You can invite the audience to ask questions directly via WhatsApp and connect with the event moderator. Furthermore, you can conduct some live polling over running discussions to keep your audience engaged. Also, you can collect Feedback over sessions in real-time. Additionally, you can send a digital agenda to the attending audience.

  1. Get Constructive Feedback from Customers Via WhatsApp!

It is essential to know how your audience feels about your event from start to end. Hence, you can create different survey forms for various sessions. Also, you can choose to create a single feedback form to take your audience to follow up for the entire event at once. Moreover, you can create a form where you can use different formats such as 1 to 10 numbers, 1 to 5 stars, smileys, and more to make it easier for your audience to answer.

  1. Offer Customer Support at Scale on WhatsApp

It is essential to provide your audience with a way to communicate and connect with you. Hence, you need WhatsApp automation to be available for your attendees from start to end and beyond. Furthermore, you can create a business profile making your brand reputation more authentic and trustworthy.

  1. Automate Your Users Journey via Whatsapp

You can give your audience an effective journey by guiding them throughout the event. Furthermore, you can start with the ambiance introduction guide. Hence, your audience will know the complete event space from start to end with the help of these videos. Also, you can transform conversations for better connection and user ease. Additionally, you can send Regular Updates with a Twist to your audience via Whatsapp. It can be helpful in guiding your audience by sharing various internal and external links, images, documents, infographics, videos, teasers, trailers, and essential information.

  1. Expand Your Event Revenue Stream with WhatsApp

You can give Live support to your event audience over the official event WhatsApp number. Furthermore, solve customer queries on time and motivate them to come again and shop at your store. Also, you can use custom auto-replies to manage customer FAQs without having to waste any human resources. Additionally, you can enable real-time team collaboration with conversation labels & private notes. However, you can assign and re-assign chats for better customer service. Hence, you can organize your contacts & chats using smart cards, labels, tags & private notes to access them with ease.

In Conclusion.

So, these are the various ways that can be helpful in preparing a better experience for your audience in the next event using WhatsApp business automation. Furthermore, the online event solutions will fill your online as well as an offline event with advanced features and functionalities making it more engaging, communicative, and networking for everyone at the event. Hence, you need to choose the right event service provider to create a seamless and immersive experience for your global audience.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in preparing a better experience for your audience in the next event with WhatsApp automation. 

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