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Wish, oh Wish
Blessed Mandela

Wish, oh Wish

If I wanted to become a banker and I never went to school, I would never become one! 

If I wanted to be a good singer and I don't practice my art, I would never become a good one. 

If I wanted to become a good writer and I don't practice my art, I would never become a good one.. 

  We get very good numbers of wishes in a very short time but nothing ever happens because we don't 'make the sacrifices those wishes required.!'


  Can a wish becomes reality? Yes, it can. But with the right approach. If I wanted to become a politician without networking with the right people and taking the required steps, I would never become one. Before live starts demanding from us, it must have accord everyone of us the needed time to get prepared...

 Before school sets exams, it would have ensured it has taught what you need to pass in the exam. 

 If we don't prepare today, we'll be caught unaware by life tomorrow. Therefore, life is not by chance. 

 Live every moment, but live it for a purpose. Note that without Sacrifice, you will never achieve anything meaningful on earth...... 

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